Thorough dissection of the knit "summer knit" that can be worn in summer!

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When you hear about knitwear, people say, "Knitwear is something you wear in winter, right? If you wear it in summer, it will be hot."

What a voice you may hear.

Hello, this is Maruko Sakura, a writer for the children's clothing brand PETITMIG.

In the hot summer, we tend to prioritize cool clothes, but we also want to be fashionable.

Summer knit is recommended for such summer.

When we think of knitwear, we think of warm knitwear worn in autumn and winter, but summer knitwear is made to be very cool.

This time, what is a summer knit? We will also introduce how to choose, the advantages and disadvantages, and recommended summer knits from PETITMIG.

What is summer knit?

Recently, there are many opportunities to hear the word summer knit.

However, since it comes with the word “knit”, many people may associate it with “hot”.

Therefore, I would like to introduce the difference between "knitwear" and "summer knitwear" worn in autumn and winter.

First of all, let's introduce the knit that you often think of.

What is Knit?

In autumn and winter, you will have more opportunities to wear knitwear.

Knit fabrics are made from materials that retain heat, such as cashmere and wool .

A major feature of autumn/winter knitwear is that the " weaving method " is different from summer knitwear.

Knitwear for autumn and winter is woven with rough stitches and the fabric is thick, so it is difficult for air to escape between clothes, so warmth is maintained.

What is summer knit?

Summer knits are knits that are mainly worn in the summer, but there are two major differences from autumn/winter knits.

It's the material and the weave .

The materials used for summer knits are mainly linen and cotton .

Therefore, it not only absorbs moisture but also has good breathability, so you can stay cool and comfortable.

The weave is finer and thinner than the autumn/winter knitwear.

It is comfortable to wear and the fabric is soft, so you can wear it without stress even in the hot summer.

Isn't it hot? How to choose a summer knit!

Above, we introduced the difference between autumn/winter knitwear and summer knitwear, so we will introduce how to choose summer knitwear based on that.

Choose summer knits made from natural materials such as cotton and linen

Cotton and linen are natural materials that are very gentle on the skin .

It has good water absorption and breathability, so it's okay to sweat a lot.

However, if you sweat too much, change your clothes.

Choose one with a fine weave and a large gauge

Knitwear is woven using a machine called a knitting machine .

The knitting machine allows you to set the stitches and the thickness of the fabric.

The setting is called a " gauge ", and the higher the number on the gauge, the finer the weave and the thinner the fabric .

The fine weave and thin fabric mean good breathability .

Knitwear for autumn and winter is generally said to be 5 gauge.

And many summer knits are woven in about 10 gauge.

If the product page shows the number of gauges, check the number of gauges as well.

How to care for your summer knit

Summer knits have a very elegant image, so I think fashion-conscious people are always checking them out.

However, one of the reasons why people hesitate to wear it is that it takes time and effort to care for it.

Knitwear worn in autumn and winter is worn in the cold season, so many people wash it after wearing it a few times.

However, in the case of summer knits, you will have to wash them frequently because you will sweat a lot in the summer.

Therefore, I think that when wearing a summer knit, it is often "only for special outings".

Therefore, I will also introduce how to care for summer knits.

What you need when washing your summer knit at home

What you need to prepare when washing summer knitwear at home is almost the same as for autumn/winter knitwear.

Therefore, if you often wear knitwear in autumn and winter, you probably don't need to prepare it again.

[ Things to prepare when washing summer knit ]

  • Detergent for washing fashionable clothes (neutral detergent)
  • laundry net
  • Bucket (for hand washing)
  • flat hanger

If you hang the knit on a regular hanger, it may lose its shape or stretch .

Therefore, it is recommended to prepare a hanger that can be flattened and dried if possible.

How to hand wash summer knits

Summer knits are made with natural materials, so it is recommended to wash them gently by hand.

First of all, I will introduce you when you wash your hands.

[ How to wash your hands at home ]

  1. Pour lukewarm water in a bucket (it is OK to store water in the washbowl or washroom) and dissolve the detergent.
  2. Turn the summer knit inside out and wash it with lukewarm water containing detergent.
  3. Continue to wash while rinsing until no bubbles appear in the lukewarm water.
  4. Lay flat to dry to prevent deformation

It is basic to wash gently so that the summer knit does not lose its shape and does not stretch .

If you are worried about losing its shape, you can put it in a net and wash it.

Warm water is easier to remove dirt, so wash at a temperature that is neither too hot nor too cold.

Since it's summertime, you can enjoy pushing and washing with your child.

How to wash your summer knit in the washing machine at home

We will show you how to wash your summer knit in the washing machine at home.

Each family has a different washing machine, but I think there is a " fashionable washing and hand washing course " as one of the washing machine courses.

Let's wash using those courses.

[ How to wash with a washing machine at home ]

  1. Turn the summer knit inside out, fold it and put it in the laundry net
  2. Fashionable washing or hand washing course
  3. Dry flat to prevent deformation

If the dirt on the summer knit is conspicuous, you can easily remove the dirt by putting detergent directly on the dirty part and putting it in the washing machine.

If you have a sequin or beaded decoration, we recommend turning the summer knit inside out and putting it in a net to prevent the decoration from falling off.

Advantages and disadvantages of summer knit

Introducing the advantages and disadvantages of summer knits.

Advantages of Summer Knit

First of all, I will introduce the benefits of summer knit.

can regulate body temperature

Summer knits can be layered with underwear, so you don't have to panic even when the temperature difference is extreme.

Even though it's very hot outside, it can feel chilly when you enter a supermarket or convenience store.

At times like that, when you wear a summer knit, you don't have to put it on because it's layered.

However, if you feel cold even when wearing a summer knit, please wear it over it.

Summer knit is classy (elegant)

It's not just a summer knit, but wearing a knit gives you a very elegant image .

In particular, fashion-conscious dads and moms may be looking for an opportunity to incorporate summer knits.

And for children who are starting to wake up to fashion, knitwear is also a longing dress .

In summer, I think that T-shirts are often worn as the main item, but summer knits are clothes that make you look more stylish than usual .

Summer knits are surprisingly cool

Summer knits require layering, but as long as you don't layer them too much, they're actually cool and comfortable.

The summer knit has a weave that allows air to pass through easily, so it is easy for air to pass between it and the undergarment .

Disadvantages of Summer Knit

Introducing the disadvantages of summer knit.

It's better to wear underwear

In the case of T-shirts, depending on the material, you may not need to wear underwear, but when wearing a summer knit, it is better to wear underwear as much as possible .

The reason is that if the fabric is thin, you can see through your skin .

In particular, if the color is white, the skin may be seen through, so be careful.

However, since it is a material that absorbs sweat well, if it is difficult for your child to wear layers, the summer knit alone is fine.

In particular, the 100% cotton material has good breathability, so it feels cooler than when you are wearing a shirt, and the fabric is soft, so it is easy for children to move.

Wearing too many layers will make you hot

Summer knits are much cooler than autumn/winter knits, but they still feel hot compared to T-shirts.

However, some people say that the combination of underwear and summer knit allows the wind to pass through well, so it feels cooler than a T-shirt.

The advantage of summer knits is that they are breathable, but if you wear too many layers or carry a rucksack on your back , the seams will block the airflow and you will inevitably get hot, so you need to be careful.

When wearing a summer knit, try coordinating it stylishly with a shoulder bag instead of a backpack.

Difficult to clean

Summer knits are woven in the same way as autumn/winter knits, so they need to be washed gently .

When you're wearing autumn/winter clothes, you don't sweat as much, so you don't have to wash your clothes that often.

However, summer knits are worn in the summer, so they tend to get dirty with sweat .

Therefore, it is better to wash as often as possible.

Considering these hassles, you may hesitate to wear a summer knit.

However, it is important to take care of any kind of clothes.

If your child sees moms and dads taking care of it from an early age, it will be a good opportunity to learn the importance and methods of caring.

PETITMIG recommended summer knit that is not hot

Summer is getting hotter year by year.

We want our children to be as cool and healthy as possible.

PETITMIG introduces items that will keep you cool in the hot summer.

PETITMIG recommended summer knit "summer knit p1"

Comfortable knit made of 100% cotton.

For summer knits, it is recommended to wear underwear as much as possible, but sometimes you forget to change your underwear when you go out.

Even in such a case, this knit made of 100% cotton material is smooth and has moisture absorption, so in case of emergency, this summer knit is fine.

It's a very simple design, but the ruffles around the neck and sleeves make this a summer knit that is both elegant and cute.

PETITMIG's recommended summer knit "onepiece p3 knit"

A summer knit dress that uses 100% cotton yarn.

Frills that are not too big bring out the cuteness of girls.

The width of the body is loose, so it is easy to pass the wind and you can stay cool even on hot days.

Summary of summer knitwear

This time, what is a summer knit? We also introduced how to choose, the advantages and disadvantages, and recommended summer knits from PETITMIG.

Summer knits are one of the fashionable items that can be worn very cool because the weave and materials are different from the knits worn in autumn and winter.

Many people like to wear it in the summer because it is woven to allow air to pass through easily.

However, if you wear it the wrong way, it will actually get hot, so be careful.

It may be a little difficult to care for in order to wear it carefully for a long time, but it will teach you the importance of taking care of things.

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