Shopping Guide (PIPELINE)


About your order

  1. Choose a productChoose the product you want to purchase.Product list is here
  2. Add a product to your cartSelect a size or color (color) for multiple sizes and press the Add to Cart button.
    Product page
  3. Check shopping cart
    Press the Cart icon to see the products contained in your cart.
    Upper header bar
    Please enter your order note (request for your order) or if you are using a discounted code, respectively. Press "Go to your order procedure" to advance to the order screen.
  4. Procedure of purchase
    If you are using Express Checkout (Shop Pay, Amazon Pay, Google Pay), you can quickly order your order. If you are using other payments such as credit cards, enter information such as email or shipping method, and press "Go to Payment".

    send: It will be received by Yamato Transport. You need to enter the shipping address.

    Receipt: 2 to 4 days after ordering, delivering a delivery completion email.Petitmig storeSince it will be accepted by coming to the order number and the orderer name can be checked by the order screen, and the orderer name can be checked on the staff at the store.

  5. Confirmation of payment methodSelect a payment method and enter the billing address.
  6. Order completed!After ordering, we will usually ship within 1 to 3 business days.


Q. Can I order with phone, email, fax?
I do not accept orders with phone, email, fax.

Q. Can I Gift Packaging?
I do not accept gift packaging, but in PetitmigWe are lapping.

Q. Cancel order
Cancellation by customer convenience can not be received.

Q. I want to change the order contents
I can not change the content after ordering.

Q. I want to change the delivery address
Please contact our shop immediately.
Reception hours ... 12:00 to 17:00 (except regular holiday)
Contact Us Form (E-mail) ContactHere

※ If shipped, we can not accept the delivery destination change.
※ If you can not deliver with unknown address, it will be canceled after returning to our shop, and the costs already occurring will be borne by the customer.


About payment

You can choose the payment method from the following.

  • Credit card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express)Collective payment only. Payment will be confirmed when your order is complete.
  • Amazon Pay (Amazon Pay)
  • Apple pay
  • Google Pay
  • Paidy (After paying Payy)
  • PayPay (Online Settlement) -SB Payment


Can you change the payment method?
After completing your order, we can not change the payment method by customer convenience.


About delivery / shipping

delivery company
Yamato Transport (It may be changed by the delivery status)

Delivery charge550 yen (tax included)
※ Hokkaido, Okinawa shipping cost is 1,980 yen (tax included)

If the amount of purchase is 8,000 yen (tax included), it will be free shipping.
※ However, Hokkaido · Okinawa is excluded

Date of shipment
After ordering, we will usually ship within 1 to 3 business days.
※ We will respond as much as possible for the delivery desired date, but depending on the time zone and the area of ​​your order, it may be taken along the desired.


About returned goods / exchange

We will refuse returned goods and refunds for your convenience.

Returns and exchanges are possible only in the following cases.

  • Defective
  • Our product mistake
  • Accidents such as damage during delivery

In the case of the above,Within 7 days after purchasePlease contact.
Reception time···12: 00-17: 00 (except regular holiday)
Contact us from the formHere

Please note that we can not accept returns or exchanges for the following products.

· Products used
· Products 8 days or more after arrival of goods
· Products with scratches and dirt under customers
· Outlet product
· Product without package (bag / case)
· Products processed for customers, such as order products and products
· Other products that can not be returned to the product introduction page