Those with good design and quality are expensive, so the sales price will be high. Many consumers are looking for how much cheap ones can be obtained. PETITMIG will continue to challenge the newly newly newly newly new prices that you have never before.

Pursuing the highest quality

PETITMIG is looking for several months in the world, and looking for the best factory worldwide. Everybody is the same factory as the favorite department store famous brand product manufactures.

"I want to wear cute clothes like children" Continues to pursue the highest quality of the department store brand to make such a wish come true. In order to further enhance customer satisfaction, thorough quality control is performed to reduce product costs due to product loss.



Achieve high quality low price with its own consistent

Several clothes are made to sales, and all management, operation and sale are consistently performed. Selling the product directly from PETITMIG to customers without passing through a distributor, we have significantly reduced the intermediate cost.

Because it is an integrated system, it will be possible to make fine clothes without waste and unevenness.