About US

"PETITMIG" brand created by two children who love fashion
Making children living in small North American towns as motifs
Focusing on the softness of the material, the warmth of human hands,
Clothes that value kindness.
Surrounded by "PETIT (small)" and "MIG (cute)"
With the thought of Happy every day.


I want to cherish time with my child (time) to you, smiling and smiling Happy time, kind child clothes made by two children's moms


Children grow up quickly.

That's why many people may use affordable clothes.

However, every moment is a precious time because the growth is fast.

I want you to spend that precious time in a soft and gentle PETITMIG clothes.

The child's smile has the power to make the people around me happy, and I want to fulfill it with children's clothes.

With that in mind, we deliver children's clothes.


We,I want you to lead to the smiles of children around the world through clothes.PETITMIG aims to provide a shopping experience that makes customers satisfy. In addition, we will donate a part of the sales you have purchased for the future of children around the world.moreoverWe also conduct activities to deliver children's clothing to children around the world who really need.


Fair Price

Appropriate price that you are convinced

We think that we need to be convinced and purchase as long as we provide products to our customers. Therefore, we provide products with a significantly reduced profit compared to conventional retail prices by delivering products directly to customers, which are our own brands in Japan.


Child's Future

Future for children

The smiles of children around the world are equal and the rich future of children supports the PETITMIG. We have donated some of the sales purchased by customers to volunteer organizations. Above all, PETITMIG values ​​the sense of unity with customers to support the rich future of children.


Realization of an Ethical society

The challenge in making clothes in the apparel industryapparel"Discard" PETITMIG, only delivered to customers that passed the strict standards of the quality control team.We do not mass -produce and conduct business cycles that are kind to the earth and the earth. Even if clothes that did not become a product occur, if it is within a certain management standard,We will deliver an ethical society that delivers children to children around the world who really need children's clothing and "zero apparel destruction.