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\Ambassador Select Vol.3
Introducing bottoms recommended by PETITMIG ambassadors ˊ˗
As it is an item worn with unisex,
The lineup allows siblings and siblings to enjoy matching outfits.
Please check it out until the end!

|#01 short salopette

short salopette p1

Ai's Recommendation Unisex design that girls can wear cute.
Overalls with a cute silhouette from any angle!
The nice point is that the plump belly is also inconspicuous ◎
Depending on the innerwear, you can wear it casually or beautifully.
We recommend crossing the shoulder straps at the back for a cuter look.

Ritsu's Recommendation In addition to being told that you are cute wherever you go,
Even people I pass by on my travels say, "That's a cute outfit~♡",
Clothes that really get compliments✨
It's comfortable to wear, so Karitsu brought it out himself and said, "I'm going to wear this!" 🤭🤍
Just by changing the tops, you can make it casual, or you can make it into an invitation outfit,
Its versatility is also one of the recommended points ☝️
If you combine it with outerwear and tights, you can really wear it all year round, and it's a fun item to wear in winter ❄️️
You can adjust the size with a button, so it's nice to be able to use it for a long time.
Even if you have a bloated stomach, the elastic on the back gives you a good fit.

|#02 Earth Color Jumpsuit


Dan's Recommend It's cute anyway with a unique silhouette and color!
The fabric is neither too thick nor too thin, so you can change the inner layer and use it all year round!
It's a unisex design that won't dent even after washing, so you can use it as a hand-me-down!
I used it regularly for two years, but the fabric didn't get damaged at all, so I was able to give it to my ambassador, Ki-chan.
We recommend pairing it with a striped sleeveless shirt in the summer🤍
If you wear long sleeves, we recommend pairing it with a ballon sleeve sweatshirt🫶🏻
Straw hats, berets, rough dumplings and pins, etc. The impression changes depending on the accessories, which is very cute, and I enjoy various combinations 💪

| #03 pants

pants p1
Yuito's Recommendation Not only is the design cute, but the elastic waist makes it easy to wear.
Stylish yet easy to move!
Another favorite item, sleeveless tee goes great with it!
The sleeveless tee will surprise you with its soft, melting texture when you pick it up! !
It's a large logo design, but the color is mellow, so it's actually very easy to match ♡

|#04 Natural short pants

short pants

Kaito's Recommendation The point is first! When I took it in my hand, it felt so soft and comfortable that I was really moved 😭✨
And the silhouette when worn is beautiful✨
You can match it with anything 🙆‍♀️
I think it's the strongest short pants that you want to have in different colors 😌
I love this outfit with Rafu Tee, so I'm doing a lot of rotation♡

How was it?
PETITMIG offers many unisex bottoms.

Items that can be used by both men and women can be worn as hand-me-downs.

Please enjoy matching and different color coordination ♪

Here is the Instagram of the ambassador we introduced▼

Ai-chan aiai_gram_36

Ritsu aym191109

Dan- kun5d1a1n

Yuito-kun ___yit07

Kaito-kun sanpeihir

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