[Chosen by Ambassador] Recommended for girls! Introducing summer tops

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\Ambassador Select Vol.2/
Recommended by PETITMIG Ambassadors
Introducing summer tops for girls ˊ˗
We also introduce recommended points, so please refer to them!

|#01 Stripe Tunic

striped tunic

Reina's Recommendation The silhouette when you move and the volume of the hem are cute anyway ♡
The combed texture is fashionable & cool without sticking to the skin ~ ♡
The marble buttons are also cute and can be used as an accent for layering as an innerwear☺️
Resistant to wrinkles, easy to care for, and safe even with a baby carrier!
The comfort of Puchi Mig and the design with a rich feeling are packed,
This is my favorite tunic♡

|#02 flower blouse

blouse p1 flower
Ambassador Recommend The wavy sleeves are cute and gorgeous, and I love the silhouette that spreads softly whether you wear it alone or tuck it in.
It's a collarless collar, so you can change your mood by matching it with a detachable collar♡

|#03 summer knit

summer knit p1

Mii's Recommend As expected, I can't say anything.
I think that this touch is possible because it is Petit Mig.
The design and color are easy to match with anything, so you can wear it for a long time from spring to autumn!

|#04 check blouse

blouse p2 check

Sakurako's Recommendation An excellent blouse that is not only cute but also versatile!
From simple bottoms to pattern ✖︎ pattern coordination, it goes well with any bottoms, so it can be used in various scenes ♪

How was it?
At PETITMIG, let alone feel and comfort,
We are particular about the design and silhouette of our clothes.

We offer a variety of patterns and colors such as plaid, floral, and striped patterns so that moms and dads can enjoy choosing them.

Find your favorite outfit for going out this summer! ˊ˗

Here is the Instagram of the ambassador we introduced▼


Reina-chan am.baby2021

Mii- chansacho.dahlia


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