Undergarments for children in the summer-Would you wear them or not?

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When it comes to summer, I'm worried about the underwear situation of children.

I'm Maruko Sakura, a writer for children's clothing brand PETITMIG.

There was a time when it was said that children who sweat a lot had to wear underwear to keep their bodies cool.

However, recently, some people say that it is not necessary to wear layers of underwear and shirts because it will increase the heat.

This time, are children's underwear necessary in hot weather, or not necessary? We will also introduce recommended materials for the summer season.

Do children need underwear in summer?

Since ancient times, children have been told to wear underwear.

However, in recent years, the summer heat has become more severe than in the past.

And clothes with functions that make it easy to spend even in summer have been sold.

I think there are many dads and moms who are worried about whether underwear is necessary or must be worn in this day and age.

First of all, I will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of wearing underwear.

Summer underwear, the benefits of wearing it for children

First of all, I will introduce the benefits of wearing underwear for children in the hot summer months.

[Benefits of wearing underwear in summer]

  • Absorbs dirt such as sweat and sebum (does not stain clothes)
  • Protects delicate skin

It is often said that " it absorbs sweat and sebum and does not stain clothes ".

Especially when wearing a white T-shirt, sweat stains and yellowing may remain and may not come off.

Wearing underwear does not absorb all the sweat and sebum, but the surface on which sweat and sebum adhere is less than if you are not wearing underwear.

And the best benefit is " protection of delicate skin ".

Children's (especially babies') skin is delicate, and it's easy to get heat rash in the summer.

And depending on the child, the "prickly" feeling of the shirt or the contact of the tag with the skin may cause some kind of damage.

Especially for children with sensitive skin, it is better to dress them in undergarments made of materials that are gentle on the skin.

Disadvantages of wearing summer underwear for children

Next, I will introduce the disadvantages of wearing underwear for children.

[Disadvantages of wearing underwear in summer]

  • hot
  • more laundry
  • Disliked when changing clothes

Wearing layers in winter is recommended to keep you warm.

Layering underwear and a T-shirt is also warmer than a single T-shirt.

The warmth of summer makes you feel even hotter, so you may end up sweating even more.

And if you keep wearing underwear that has absorbed sweat, the sweat will cool down and cool your body.

For that reason, we have to change the underwear frequently, but if we change the underwear, there are probably many parents who change the top shirt together.

Changing clothes is the same whether the child is wearing underwear or not, but if the child is not wearing underwear, only the shirt will be washed, so the amount of laundry will not increase that much.

Summer underwear situation, should children wear underwear?

Are you wondering whether it is better to wear underwear on your child in the hot summer, or not?

So I thought about whether I should let my child wear underwear.

When it's better to have your child wear underwear

First of all, I will introduce the pattern that is better to wear underwear for children.

When you are in an air-conditioned room

When children are young, they are not yet able to regulate their body temperature properly .

It's hot outside these days, so if you go to a supermarket or convenience store, it's very cool.

If you go to a cool place while sweating, the sweat will cool down and your body will also get cold.

Therefore, even in the summer, you may lose your physical condition.

If you know that you will be going to a place where the air conditioner works well when you go out, you should wear underwear.

When a child's skin is delicate

Some children have very delicate skin, so they may feel a tingling sensation when they touch the tags or fibers on their clothes.

And if you sweat and get heat rash, it will be itchy and scratchy, and it may damage your skin.

In such a case, it is best to wipe off the sweat immediately, but if you wear underwear and guard the fabric of the shirt so that it does not touch the skin directly, you will not be distracted by the tingling sensation and feel comfortable. you can spend

When I entered elementary school (girl)

When you go to elementary school, some schools have uniforms and some don't, but even if you go to an elementary school that doesn't have uniforms, I think it's better to wear underwear.

In particular, girls enter the growth period, so if you get into the habit of wearing underwear, you won't feel bothered by wearing underwear.

Some girls' underwear is integrated with underwear, but children who haven't worn underwear often dislike the integrated type of underwear.

Therefore, in order to let them wear underwear without hesitation in the future, it would be a good idea to get them used to wearing underwear.

When you don't have to put underwear on your child

On the other hand, what kind of pattern is there if the child does not have to wear underwear?

When wearing functional clothing

Recently, shirts with enhanced functions such as absorbing sweat well and drying quickly have been sold.

Since ancient times, cotton clothing has been used as underwear for babies because it absorbs sweat well and dries quickly.

Clothing with a lot of functions often uses chemical fibers, but it is made not only to absorb and dry sweat, but also to stretch easily and not to hinder the movement of children. Some are.

If you don't have any skin troubles, you do n't have to wear undergarments for functional clothing like this.

Cotton clothing is also recommended, but there are also clothing with full functions from various manufacturers, so please look for clothes with your favorite design.

When you can't change clothes by yourself (except when you're a baby)

Excluding babyhood, the period of active movement begins before the child starts attending nursery school or kindergarten.

In such a period, I think that dads and moms change their children's clothes.

I think that moms and dads often change their clothes when their children are sweating and their clothes are damp, so I don't think underwear is necessary in such cases.

However, when they begin to change their clothes by themselves, it is necessary to ask them to change their clothes frequently.

When you can properly change clothes by yourself

Even when you are able to change your clothes properly, you may not need to wear underwear.

However, even if you can change your own clothes, if you are too lazy to change your clothes and leave them unattended, this may not be the case.

If your clothes are damp with sweat and you feel uncomfortable and you change them yourself, we don't think you need to wear underwear so as not to add to the hassle of changing clothes .

I have heard children say that the reason why they find it troublesome to change clothes is because they wear too many clothes.

Therefore, it may not be necessary to wear underwear so that it is easy to change clothes.

Summer underwear, recommended materials and PETITMIG recommended clothes

Whether or not to wear underwear should be prioritized according to the child's growth and the daily heat, which is more comfortable.

It's best for children to stay healthy without losing to the summer heat.

Therefore, we will introduce recommended materials for children's underwear in the summer and recommended clothes for those who do not wear underwear from PETITMIG.

Recommended material for children's underwear in summer "Cotton"

Cotton, which has been used for baby underwear for a long time, is a recommended material even today.

It is recommended because it absorbs sweat easily and dries faster than other natural materials .

Quick-drying and absorbent materials made from synthetic fibers are also recommended, but they may not be suitable for sensitive skin.

Therefore, while your child is small, it is better to wear cotton underwear as much as possible to see how your skin looks.

PETITMIG recommended cotton children's clothing "t-shirt p1 border"

100% cotton T-shirt.

The fabric is very soft to the touch, so you can stay comfortable without wearing underwear underneath.

It's a thick fabric, so it's also recommended if you're going to an air-conditioned place.

PETITMIG's recommended cotton children's clothing "onepiece p3 knit"

A simple but gorgeous 100% cotton dress with frills.

It has a loose design so that you can wear it cool even in the summer.

It can be worn on bare skin, so it is recommended for summer outings.

PETITMIG's recommended cotton children's clothing "denim salopette"

Denim overalls made of 100% cotton soft fabric.

It goes well with any top, so you can enjoy wearing it in a variety of ways.

And since it completely wraps around the stomach and buttocks, it does not cool the stomach.

Even if you go to a place with air conditioning, you can spend your time with peace of mind.

Summer Children's Underwear | Summary

This time, do you need children's underwear in the summer, or not? We also introduced recommended materials and PETITMIG clothes for the summer season.

For a long time, it was said that the number of clothes for children should be the number of clothes for adults + 1.

This is because children have a higher body temperature and sweat more than adults.

If you leave the sweat as it is, you will get heat rash and cool your body, so I think that underwear that absorbs sweat as much as possible is necessary.

However, in recent years, clothing with excellent functions has been sold, and it has come to play the role of underwear.

Undergarments are not something you have to wear.

It would be nice if we could be flexible, as shown below.

  • If functional clothes don't suit your skin, wear cotton underwear that is gentle on your skin.
  • No underwear if you can change clothes by yourself and change clothes frequently
  • Depending on how you spend the day, decide whether to wear underwear (no underwear when running around outside, wear underwear when spending time in an air-conditioned room)

It doesn't matter if your child is comfortable wearing underwear or not.

Let's decide according to the situation at that time.

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