[Chosen by Ambassador] Recommended for boys! Introducing summer tops

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\Ambassador Select Vol.1
Introducing summer tops for boys recommended by PETITMIG ambassadors ˊ˗
We also introduce recommended points, so please check it out until the end !

| #01 check shirt

shirt p1 check

SUU's Recommendation The texture of the high-quality fabric and the moderate piping make it elegant and casual ♥︎
Even if you wear it alone, of course,
The cute plaid pattern and piping that can be seen as an inner layer to match the salopette are fashionable.
It is recommended that if you have one, you can use it in various ways🫶🏻
The button is made of solid wood, so it's not only cute, but it's easy to put on and take off, making it a piece that moms love 🙌🏻

Issei's Recommendation Accent piping and warm wooden buttons,
The plaid pattern and design are easy to match, so you can wear it alone!
In addition, you can wear it under a salopette, or use it as a haori in an air-conditioned room.
In addition, the color is easy to match with the clothes you have,
When you want to decide chicly, add black,
When you want to look gorgeous, you can match it with white or pink, and it's a useful piece in your wardrobe!

Kairi's Recommendation Shirts have the image of being terrifying, but Puchimig shirts are made of sturdy fabric and have a luxurious finish.
An item that goes perfectly with both casual and formal outings✨

|#02 stripe shirt

striped shirt

Kanato's Recommendation The recommended point is that it can be used in unisex!
The stripes are light in color, making it easy to match with any bottoms.
Because there is a collar, even though it is casual clothes, it is full of formal feeling ♡

Toma's Recommendation In the summer, you can wear it as a single piece, and in the fall and winter, you can wear it as an inner layer with a collar.
Even though it's a shirt, you can wear it without ironing! ︎
It's gentle to the touch, so I'm happy that children can spend time comfortably.

|#03 Loose Tee

Yuru Tee

Aoba's Recommendation A stylish T-shirt that can be worn loosely or just the right size!
It's comfortable to the touch and very thin, so it's perfect for layering.
Fashionable character design and color,
It looks so cute that it looks like it's been cut off!
It goes great with overalls and jeans, so it's a recommended item to wear casually ˎˊ˗

How was it?
PETITMIG offers items that can be worn both casually and elegantly.
We have a large selection of natural colors, so it's easy to match with your own clothes ˊ˗
Everyone please find your favorite clothes ♪

Here is the Instagram of the ambassador we introduced▼

SUU-kun suumire__

Issei-kun ___.issei

Kairi- kunkairi.1125.h

Kanato-kun saku.15yuknt

Toma-kun pyuiq_

Aoba-kun nak._.xx

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