[Ambassador chooses] Introducing recommended dresses and skirts

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\Ambassador Select Vol.4/
A dress that can be coordinated with just one piece is a reassuring ally for busy moms!

This time, we would like to introduce the one-piece and skirt recommended by PETITMIG ambassadors.
Please check it out until the end ˊ˗

|#01 knit one piece

one piece p3 knit

Kikka's Recommend PETITMIG's first summer knit that can be worn alone without being see-through and cool!
With frills and fashionable back,
Of course at just size,
It's also cute to go one size larger and wear it in a long length, so I recommend it♡

|#02 Sweet Check Skirt

check skirt

Soa's Recommendation Above all, the cool blue that looks like summer will refresh your outfit ☺️🎐
The silhouette that flutters in the wind is cute and girly💕
The elastic waist makes it easy to put on and the elastic is not tight, so I'm happy 🥹
The ultimate is the inner petti pants!
Even if you run around and move around, you won't get a glimpse of your diaper (or pants) 😊
You can mix and match it, so it's great for summer outings 🐬✨

|#03 Sofia chiffon dress

chiffon dress

Touko & Meiko's Recommendation I fell in love at first sight with a flower-shaped button🌸
I love how anyone can become a refreshing summer lady if they wear it in a neat and clean girly dress💕
The point is that the fabric is soft and gentle, and the lining is attached.
I thought it was a plain fabric, but the lattice pattern is cute and I like it too💕
I think that the white and blue colors are also colors that make people feel cool ☺️✨
Perfect clothes for summer ♡

Emma's Recommendation You can wear it as a single piece and wash it easily.

How was it?
PETITMIG offers colorful dresses and skirts.

A one-piece dress that can be worn easily,
You can enjoy a different atmosphere just by changing one thing, such as a hat, sneakers , or hair arrangementˊ˗

I would be happy if moms, dads, and children could find their favorite clothes that make them smile.

Here is the Instagram of the ambassador we introduced▼

Kikka- chan419k.stagram

Soa- chan_mi_14_ri_

Touko-chan & Meiko- chanshirubenn

Emma- chantokyo_baby_emma

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