[Notice to moms who carry a lot of luggage!] How to choose a mother bag that won't fail

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A mother's bag is a bag that you use when you go out with your baby after giving birth.

It's a very convenient item for moms, but as your child grows, you may find it difficult to use.

I'm Maruko Sakura, a writer for children's clothing brand PETITMIG.

It is common for children to find it difficult to use a mother's bag as they grow.

I can understand the feelings of parents who want to continue using familiar items for a long time if possible.

This time, what kind of bag is a mother's bag? We will also introduce how to choose and types of mothers bags.

What is a mother's bag?

You often hear about mothers bags and mom bags.

Are these mothers bags and mom bags different from ordinary bags? Some people may wonder.

What is a mother's bag (mama bag)?

A mother's bag is a bag that you use when you go out with your child .

In online shops, there are many products that are sold under the name of "mother's bag".

These mother's bags are bags that are easy for moms and dads to use when they go out with their children.

Therefore, it has more storage pockets and a larger capacity than the bag you normally use.

Can I use my everyday bag as a mother's bag?

Even an everyday bag can be used as a mother's bag.

However, it needs to be quite large as it can hold not only the luggage of mom and dad, but also the luggage of children.

Here are some of the most popular luggage for children.

[ Example of luggage for children ]

  • Paper diaper
  • baby bottle
  • water bottle
  • Baby Food
  • wet tissue
  • drink
  • changing clothes, etc.

The amount of luggage changes according to the child's growth, but the smaller the child's age, the larger the amount of luggage .

And the amount of luggage will change depending on whether you are carrying it in your arms or stroller, the mode of transportation, and the length of time you go out.

If your regular bag is a smaller bag, you'll have to prepare another bag for your child.

How to use the recommended mothers bag

A mother's bag is a bag that holds children's luggage and daddy's luggage.

However, if you have too much luggage, it will be inconvenient when you take out your wallet when shopping.

Therefore, it is very convenient to prepare a small shoulder bag .

Especially in the case of a rucksack type mother's bag, it's a little troublesome to take the bag off your back every time you take out your wallet, put it back in the rucksack and carry it on your back.

Therefore, if you prepare a shoulder bag large enough to hold your wallet, mobile phone, handkerchief, etc., you can save yourself the trouble of taking it off your back.

How to choose a mothers bag

When choosing a bag, I think everyone is choosing their favorite bag.

There are various types of mothers bags on the market.

From bags with full functions to very simple mothers bags.

At first glance, there are bags that don't look like mother's bags, so when it comes to choosing one, it can be very confusing.

It is very common to feel that it is a little difficult to use when you start using it.

That's why there are so many failure stories.

Here are some points to consider when choosing a mothers bag.

Choose a self-supporting mothers bag

When you take things out of your bag, if you don't have children, you use both hands to take them out, so it doesn't matter if you can stand on your own or not.

However, when you are with your child, we recommend a “ self-supporting bag ”.

That's because you have to put in and take out your luggage while holding your child with one hand.

Or you may have to keep your child's hand in and out.

At times like that, if the bag is independent, it's easy to put your luggage in it.

Choose a mothers bag that is as light as possible

When children are small, the amount of luggage they carry around can be bulky and heavy.

So choose a bag that is as light as possible.

If the bag itself is heavy, it will feel even heavier when you put your luggage in it, and going out may be a hassle.

Mother's bags are made lighter than regular bags, but you should also pay attention to the "weight" when purchasing.

Common? Mother's bag failure story!

Including the author, senior moms often fail to make mother's bags.

The mom friends around me were also worried about mothers bags.

I'll tell you about my failures.

[ Mothers bag failure story ]

  • Too much emphasis was placed on the design, and the bag itself was heavy.
  • I bought it because I wanted it to be light, but it didn't stand on its own and it was difficult to put things in when I was holding it with one hand.
  • I used a large tote bag, but it didn't have a storage pocket, and the inside of the bag was messy, making it difficult to use.
  • I used a tote type bag, but it was inconvenient because the handle was short and I couldn't put it on my shoulder.
  • torn handle
  • There are too many storage pockets, and I don't know where I put them...

The mother's bag is of course fine as a bag for everyday use, but even if you like the design, it seems that it was still inconvenient when you use it while holding your child.

Mothers bags are used after giving birth, but I think many people prepare them before giving birth.

Here, I've heard a few failure stories, so I'd like to introduce them.

  • Postpartum weight has not been eliminated, and the tote type that was prepared before childbirth has a short handle, making it difficult to use.

Before giving birth, she prepared a mother's bag and confirmed that it would be able to properly store childcare items, but after giving birth, she couldn't regain her weight and her arms became thicker, so she couldn't put the tote-type handle on her shoulder. seems to have become difficult (^^;

I think it's a rare case in a sense, but when choosing a mother's bag, it may be better to consider not only storage but also " easy to hold ".

Types of mothers bags

Just as there are various types of everyday bags, there are various types of mother's bags.

Depending on the bag, there are some that are made functionally, so let's choose a bag that suits your taste.

tote type

I think it's probably the most convenient mother's bag .

Highly recommended if you are using a leash.

However, it's easy to mess up the contents of your bag, so make good use of items such as "bag in bag" and multi-pouches to make it easier to use.

[ Benefits ]

  • Easy to put in and take out luggage
  • Many large capacity types

[ Disadvantage ]

  • It is difficult to put in if it is a type that does not stand on its own
  • Handle digs into one shoulder
  • May slip off your shoulder
  • The contents of the bag are easy to get messy

rucksack type

Since both hands are free, it is recommended when walking hand in hand with a child .

Even if it is a rucksack type, especially if it is a bag with a double zipper, it is recommended without hesitation when opening the bag.

[ Benefits ]

  • Carrying the load on both shoulders reduces the burden on the shoulders.
  • Hold hands even if you have two children

[ Disadvantage ]

  • When using a baby carrier, it is difficult to use because the straps overlap each other.
  • It is difficult to put in and take out luggage while holding a child
  • I have to put down my bag to put in and take out luggage
  • my back is hot

shoulder type

Functional bags are also available for the shoulder type.

Depending on how you hang the shoulder straps, you can use it as a backpack or as a tote, so there are many variations .

If you want to continue using it for a long time, this type is the most recommended.

[ Benefits ]

  • Can be used in various ways
  • Adjustable shoulder straps make it easier to hang on the stroller

[ Disadvantage ]

  • Since it is worn over one shoulder, the strap digs into the shoulder.
  • Difficult to use when using a baby carrier

PETITMIG Recommended Mother's Bag

Let me introduce PETITMIG's mother's bag.

PETITMIG mother's bag

PETITMIG's mother's bag has a 2-way specification that can be used as a tote or shoulder bag.

It's casual, but it's a simple canvas, so it can be used in any situation.

With 3 pockets on the outside and 1 pocket on the inside, this bag is very easy to use.

The inside is waterproof, so you don't have to worry if the water bottle falls over in the bag.

Even if you don't use it as a mother's bag, you can use it as a travel bag because it has a timeless design.

PETITMIG multi-pouch

A very convenient multi-pouch for diapers and changing clothes.

It's not a mother's bag, but it's very convenient to use with a bag .

The inside is waterproof, so it's safe to put dirty things in, and it also has an inner pocket, so it's good for children.

This is also a very simple design, so it will come in handy as a travel pouch when your child grows up.

How to choose a mother's bag | Summary

This time, what kind of bag is a mother's bag? And I introduced how to choose and types of mom bags.

A mother's bag is an important item that helps you go out with your child.

And the bag is also a must-have item for fashionable moms.

It is very nice to use one bag carefully, but it may be necessary to use different mom bags depending on where you go and what you use it for.

As much as possible, choose a mother's bag that is easy to hold and handle, and make going out with your children fun.

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