To wear an important item for a long time ~Knit care method~

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Knitted clothing is an item that can be worn cool even in the summer, but when you think of the season to wear it, it is still autumn and winter.

I'm Maruko Sakura, a writer for children's clothing brand PETITMIG.

Knitwear can be worn for a long time if you take care of it.

This time, we will introduce how to care for knitwear, how to wash it, and the necessary items.

Items to keep in your home

Here are the items you need to take care of your knitwear.

If you put knitwear in the washing machine and wash it, it will stretch and shrink.

If you want to wear knitwear for a long time, you need proper care and tools.

However, these tools are not items that are used only for knitwear, so if you have a complete set of tools, they will be useful when taking care of your clothes.

clothes brush

There are various products for clothes brushes, so I would like to introduce some recommendations.

[ Recommended clothes brush ]

  • natural hair
  • Something that fits in your hand (easy to grip/hold)
  • Those with dense hair

The clothes brush can be used not only for knitwear, but also for removing dust and dirt from formal wear, so it is useful to have one. Have it ready if possible.

laundry net

We recommend a size that fits perfectly when the knit is folded .

When using the washing machine, keep the knitted clothes from getting tangled in the net so that the knitted fabric doesn't stretch.

There are various sizes of laundry nets at 100-yen shops, and they can be used for other laundry, so please prepare them.

Prepare hangers with wide shoulders and net hangers that can be laid flat to dry

When taking care of knitwear, using a wire hanger may cause the garment to lose its shape, so use a hanger with wide shoulders .

And even after washing the knitwear, if you use a wire hanger, it will easily stretch or lose its shape, so use a hanger that can be laid flat to dry.

How to care for your knitted garments

Knitted clothing is very useful as a fashionable item, but compared to other clothing, you may wonder if it is easy to wash.

So, let me show you how to care for knitted clothes.

Arrange the knit with a clothes brush to prevent pilling

Pilling occurs when clothing rubs against each other .

Knitwear is especially susceptible to pilling.

Therefore, if you use a clothes brush and stroke the surface of the knit to loosen it, pilling will be less likely to occur .

If there are pills, use small scissors to cut the fabric without cutting it.

If there is a large amount of pilling, we recommend cutting with a pill cutter.

brushing to remove stains on knitwear

Brushing is necessary not only to prevent pilling, but also to remove dirt entangled in the knit .

Some stains can be removed just by brushing, and you can also check for stains .

Autumn and winter knitwear is washed after being worn several times, but if stains form, the stains will not come off unless the stains are removed and washed as soon as possible. let's go.

If you find a stain, remove the stain and wash

If you find a stain, remove it as soon as possible.

Remove solid dirt by picking it up with a tissue .

Place a tightly wrung out cloth on the back of the garment and tap it to remove the stain.

It is necessary to remove the stain remover, so after removing the stain, wash the knit in a washing machine or by hand.

Caring for clothes [Washing method]

If you find a stain on the knit and do not wash it after removing the stain, it may leave a ring-like stain.

This is a trace of the detergent used when removing the stain left behind as a stain.

And when the knit season is over and you store it, it may turn yellow if you don't wash it properly before storing it.

By the way… What do you wonder when you usually wear knitwear?

When should I wash my knitwear?

The answer is that it is better to wash the knit after wearing it about 2-3 times or if you are concerned about the smell .

Therefore, I would like to introduce "how to wash" as a care method.

Knit washing method [hand washing]

Hand washing is recommended for knitwear.

You may think that hand-washing is "to be honest, troublesome", but it is a gentle method for knitwear because it does not stretch much compared to washing in a washing machine.

Knit hand washing method ① "Prepare the necessary tools"

First of all, let's prepare something to wash the knit.

[ Things to prepare ]

  • lukewarm water (room temperature water)
  • Neutral detergent
  • Net
  • rubber gloves

You can prepare a tub or a bucket, but I think that hot water will come out of the washstand, so you don't have to prepare extra tools if you wash at the washstand.

Washing with lukewarm water makes it easier to remove sebum stains .

Cold water will harden the oil and make your hands cold when washing, so wash with lukewarm or room temperature water.

Washing your hands in lukewarm water containing detergent may cause your hands to become rough, so wear rubber gloves when washing.

Hand washing method for knitted clothes ② "Push wash with lukewarm water/room temperature water"

Put the knitted clothes in the net into lukewarm water or room temperature water with a neutral detergent and gently press it.

Scrubbing is strictly prohibited.

Knit hand washing method ③ "Rinse with clean water"

After gently scrubbing , rinse with clean water until the detergent is gone .

We do not recommend using the leftover water from the bath to wash the knitwear, as it may contaminate the knitwear.

Start by washing and rinsing with clean water.

Knit hand washing method ④ "Dehydration"

If the washing machine can only dehydrate, you can use the dehydration function of the washing machine.

However, dehydration time should be about 20 seconds .

If you apply it too long, the fabric may be damaged.

If you don't want to use the dehydration function of the washing machine, you can use a bath towel to remove the water .

Place a bath towel on the top and bottom of the washed knit and press it to absorb moisture.

It is strictly forbidden to squeeze it tightly like a rag.

Knit hand washing method ⑤ "Dry"

At this time, let's dry in the shade with a hanger that can be laid flat to dry , not a wire hanger.

If you don't have this hanger, you can hang it in a laundry basket or the lid of the bath, but if you want to wear knitwear and increase your fashion variations, you should take the plunge and prepare one.

If you buy it once, you can use it for a long time, so you won't have to worry about more knitwear from now on.

Caring for knitwear "After drying"

After drying the knit and taking it in, if the knit has lost its softness , apply steam from an iron to revive it .

Many summer knits have a light and thin texture, so you don't need to apply steam from an iron, but for autumn/winter knits, it's important to have a soft feel, so don't spoil it.

If you press the iron here, the fabric will be crushed even more, so be careful not to press it.

When the softness is restored by applying steam from the iron, hang it on a hanger for a while to let the air circulate to remove the moisture.

When the moisture is removed, fold it properly and store it.

If you leave it hanging on the hanger, it will lose its shape or stretch out, so be careful.

Knit washing method [Washing machine edition]

If you have a gentle washing machine course (hand washing, fashionable clothes washing, etc.), use it.

Basically, the method of drying and storing washed knitwear is the same as when washing by hand.

How to wash knitwear in the washing machine "Put it in the net"

When washing knitwear in a washing machine, turn the garment inside out and put it in the net .

At that time, fold it so that the cuffs and collar, which are often dirty, are exposed and put them in the net.

Even if the knit has decorations such as beads or ribbons, turn it inside out and put it in the net to prevent the decorations from falling off.

How to wash knitwear in the washing machine "do the laundry"

When washing knitwear in the washing machine, use the gentle cycle, but be mindful of the dehydration time.

If the dehydration time of the course is longer than 1 minute, separate the dehydration.

If it takes less than 1 minute, dehydrate it as it is, and when you are done, hang it to dry in the same way as when washing your hands.

Precautions when washing knitwear

Knitwear can be washed at home, but depending on the fabric, you need to be careful, so be sure to check.

Make sure the knit does not fade

Not only for knits, but for any kind of clothing, it is always necessary to check for " color fading ".

Washing is done using detergent, so there is a possibility that the color will fade.

It may not be a problem for light-colored knits, but be careful with brightly colored knits, as it may spoil the color.

[ How to check color fading ]

  • Apply a little detergent to the inconspicuous part of the knit and leave it for about 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Wipe off the detergent and check if the color has faded

If the color does not fade, you can hand wash or machine wash at home.

If it's discolored, take it in for cleaning.

Check if the fabric is washable

Knits are made from a wide variety of fabrics.

I'm sure you've heard of wool and cashmere a lot, but you need to be careful as some fabrics cannot be washed at home depending on the material.

[ Fabrics that can be washed at home ]

  • wool
  • Cotton (cotton)
  • cashmere (goat)

[ Fabrics that cannot be washed at home ]

  • silk
  • Items with the notation "Do not wash by hand (X on the bucket mark)" on the laundry tag

Things to keep in mind when buying knitted clothes

Here are some things to keep in mind when buying knitted clothing for the first time.

Check "washing label" when purchasing knitwear

Knits include synthetic fibers and natural fibers.

Even chemical fibers may require cleaning, and the handling differs for each, so be sure to check the washing label before purchasing .

If the clothes can be washed at home, they will be marked with a “ Pail mark/Hand wash mark ”, but if they need to be cleaned, they will be labeled “Do not wash with water (the bucket mark is marked with an X) ”.

Knitwear that you want to wear often is reasonable if you can take care of it at home.

However, if you have to send it out for cleaning frequently, you may not wear it even if you like it.

If you choose something that you can take care of yourself, the rest will be easier.

PETITMIG Recommended New Knitwear

Here we will introduce PETITMIG's recommended new knitwear.

Knit has good heat retention, so children can stay warm.

It's getting colder year by year, so I hope you stay healthy even in the cold winter.

PETITMIG's new knit "knit E1 cardigan"

A comfortable cardigan made of 100% cotton.

You can put it on when it's chilly, or layer it with a high neck underneath to keep you warm in the cold season.

The mesh design makes it not only cute but also elegant.

PETITMIG's new knit "knit E2 cardigan"

This is a unisex cardigan.

The luxurious rib knit and wooden buttons bring out the elegant simplicity.

It's 100% cotton, so you can take care of it at home.

If you send it out for cleaning, you also need to be careful with the handling of the buttons.

Be sure to check with the cleaning shop before ordering.

PETITMIG's new knit "Knit E3 border"

A knit with a very cute sailor collar.

The warm brown border is simple and can be worn by both men and women.

It's 100% cotton, so you can take care of it at home.

PETITMIG's new knit "knit E4 high neck"

A simple ribbed knit with a high neck.

Rayon has the characteristic of being easy to remove dirt, but it also has the disadvantage of being easily torn.

So if you wash your clothes at home, wash them by hand as gently as possible.

PETITMIG new knit "knit E5 frill"

It has frills on the sleeves and shoulders, making it a cute but elegant knit.

Available in two colors, black and white, both colors are very easy to coordinate.

The material is rayon and polyester, so if you wash it at home, we recommend gentle hand washing.

How to care for knitwear | Summary

This time, we introduced the daily care and washing methods for knitwear, as well as necessary items.

Knitwear is one of the garments that people refrain from buying because it takes a lot of care.

However, knitwear is made from a very warm material and can last a long time if cared for and stored properly.

It's nice to buy a new one every season, but knitwear is not easily influenced by trends, so it's an item that won't go out of style no matter how many years you wear it.

Taking care of your clothes to the end will lead to a polite life.

If you find a knit you like, check the care label and make it your favorite for a long time to come.

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