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There are times when children grow slowly, and there are times when they grow rapidly.

I'm Maruko Sakura, a writer for children's clothing brand PETITMIG.

Especially for the first child, when the baby stands up from crawling and starts walking little by little, it's overwhelming.

From that time on, many moms and dads are thinking about transitioning from baby clothes to kids clothes.

It's about 80 to 90 sizes.

However, it is difficult to choose the right size during delicate times, and this is the size that PETITMIG receives the most inquiries about.

Therefore, this time, we will introduce the difference between baby and kids clothes that you want to wear for a long time.

Explain the difference between baby and kids!

There are categories for children's clothing, baby and kids.

If you go to a children's clothing store, the departments are differentiated, but the differences are not explained.

So, let me briefly introduce the difference between baby and kids.

What is baby size

Children's clothes baby is clothes worn during the baby period .

When you're a baby, you can't do anything without your mom and dad taking care of you.

Therefore, baby clothes for this period are made so that moms and dads can easily take care of them .

The rompers and underwear are loose, easy to put on, and gentle materials are used.

The clothes of this period are said to be baby size.

Until when is the baby size?

The only time I can say with certainty how long I will use baby size clothes is until I need to take care of my mom and dad.

Even after the baby period is over and they start to stand and walk on their own, there are many cases where they still need the help of mom and dad to change clothes.

However, depending on the child's growth, there will come a time when you may find it difficult to change clothes with baby clothes.

It's easy to understand if you think of baby size clothes as clothes that are easy to take care of while your child is lying down.

However, I don't want to shift from baby to kids size all at once, but when the movement becomes more active, I think it's better to gradually shift to innerwear for babies and outerwear for kids.

As a guideline for when to wear baby size clothes, it might be a good idea to think about until you enter kindergarten .

What is kids size

Kids size children's clothes are clothes that children wear when they can put on and take off by themselves .

From the baby stage when you can't do anything, you can grow up little by little, choose what to wear, and move around actively . The design is also stylish .

And the larger the child, the more buttons and other decorations are used, so the design will begin to match the growth of the child.

When your child goes to nursery school or kindergarten, or plays in the park, avoid clothes with hoods or strings.

When will the kids size be available?

You may wonder when the kids size for children's clothing is good.

If children's clothes completely shift to kids size, they will shift to kids size when mom and dad no longer need to take care of them.

It depends on the manufacturer, but about 100 centimeters or more is considered a kids size .

The timing depends on the growth of the child, but it is roughly around the age of 3 when he enters kindergarten .

Around this time, potty training has started, and little by little, she will be able to do it on her own.

It's a time when there are still more failures, but even if you fail, it's time to start changing clothes by yourself.

What is the difference between baby and kids sizes?

It is difficult to choose the size when changing from baby to kids, and there are many mistakes.

Therefore, I investigated how many children would wear 80 to 90 cm sizes.

What is the difference between children's clothes baby size 80-90cm and kids size 100cm?

First, let's check the difference between 80cm, 90cm, and kids 100cm.

[ Estimated size (baby) ]

age Height (cm) Weight (kg) growth
80(cm) 1 to 1.5 years old 75-85 11 Rolling over, Crawling, Grabbing and standing
90(cm) 2 years old 85-95 13 start walking alone

[ Estimated size (kids) ]

height body weight chest circumference waist
100 (girls) 95-105 14 49-55 55-61
100 (Boys/Unisex) 95-105 14-15 49-55 47-53

As a rough guideline, it will be like this.

80 to 90 centimeters is the time when the baby grows at once.

There are individual differences, but you will be able to walk alone between this size.

It is estimated that you can wear a size of 90 cm for about half a year.

However, each baby grows differently, so please purchase clothes based on your child's height at that time .

What about switching from baby to kids?

Above, I introduced the age of 80 cm and 90 cm and what you can start doing at this time.

Looking at this chart, it can be said that the 80 cm period is still a baby period .

And when he is 90 cm , he starts walking alone and wants to do everything by himself .

Based on that, I think it will be as follows.

  • 80cm…baby
  • 90cm...switching from baby to kids

There are individual differences in the growth of children, so this is not all.

However, if your child starts walking alone, I think you can gradually change to a kids size .

From 100cm, it will be kids size, but if your child is active, it may be better to skip the 90cm and purchase the 100cm.

This is because the kids size is made to fit the body size so as not to hinder the movement of the child .

I think that your child is also active and moving around, so we recommend purchasing a 100 cm size instead of a 90 cm size.

From children's clothing, baby to kids|Summary

This time, we introduced the difference between baby and kids clothes that you want to wear for a long time.

Between 80 and 90 cm is a time when a child's growth is early and slow.

This time, we introduced a guideline for choosing the size, but in reality, it is best to purchase according to the growth and movement of the child's body.

Clothes that are too big can hinder movement.

I think it's best for children to choose clothes that are easy to move around in.

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