[Winter to enjoy in knitwear] Introducing knitwear recommended by PETITMIG staff

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The temperature is gradually dropping, and winter is finally approaching.

This time, PETITMIG staff will introduce knit items that you can enjoy during the cold season.

PETITMIG is particular about knit items.
Pursuing a softer and gentler touch because it touches the skin of a child,
The result is a knit that children will want to wear.

Enjoy PETITMIG knitwear this winter ˊ˗

| Recommended by owner Rie

Recommended point Adult cute unisex knit ♪♪
Easy to coordinate with parents and children,
It's 100% cotton, so it's hard to pill and easy to handle, so it's good!!

knit T2 chuck

Recommended point A stylish cardigan that is easy to match with any outfit♪
Very popular since last year!!
I think that a thick cardigan is essential for those who travel a lot by car, so I definitely recommend it♪♪

low gauge knit cardigan

Recommended by store staff Mika

Recommended points While it is a sturdy knit material,
It's supple and soft, so it's easy to move around and warm, which is a nice point.
antique gold chucks,
This item is packed with attention to detail in an elegant color scheme.

knit T3 cardigan

Recommended point It's so comfortable that the children who try it on don't want to take it off, it's the best knit
The frill knit that you fall in love with at first sight,
White and black make it easy to coordinate with any bottoms, so it is recommended ♪

knit E5 frill

Recommended by store staff Megumi

Recommended point Knit that wraps your child warmly with a wool blend that is fluffy and chewy ︎︎︎︎𓂃
The cute bonbons that are carefully hand-knitted one by one and the relaxed silhouettes that can be worn for a long time are also points of interest ♬.*゚

knit T1 white

Recommended point Big collar that stands out ︎︎︎︎︎𓂃
A very stylish knit that will accent your outfit just by wearing one 𓈒𓂂𓏸
The unique design is cute,
The natural color makes it easy for both girls and boys to wear and match ♬.*゚

collared natural knit

| Recommended by SNS staff Non

Recommended point This was my child's PETITMIG debut♩
Last year I was still big and wore it with my sleeves folded,
It's perfect for this year, and it's the first place I feel like I've grown.

high neck knit

Recommended point Anyway, I'm impressed by the goodness of the touch!
My eldest son, a junior high school student who usually has no interest in the texture, came to touch me saying, "It feels good!"
I am happy that it is simple and easy to match.

knit E4 high neck

| Recommended by Ren in charge of product planning

Recommended point Cardigan knit with a retro feel.
A well-balanced combination of cable knitting and cherry bonbons.
A piece that feels warm with a sticky texture.
This is one of the most popular items among Petit Mig's knit products!

cherry bonbon knit

Recommended point A solid item like outerwear.
It is a cardigan full of various charms, such as the use of coconut buttons that make the most of the natural texture and the color of the fabric!

knit T4 cardigan

How was it?
At PETITMIG, we have many knit items such as plain knits that are simple and easy to mix and match, and design knits that catch the eye and become the main part of your outfit.

Please find your favorite item,
Enjoy winter preparations ˊ˗

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