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It's winter, and the clothes we wear are more thick and heavy.

I'm Maruko Sakura, a writer for children's clothing brand PETITMIG.

There are various storage methods these days, but if possible, you want to choose the best and simple storage method that matches your clothes.

So, this time, I will introduce clothes that can be stored on hangers and clothes that should be folded.

What kind of clothes do you recommend for hanger storage?

Here are some recommended clothes for hanger storage.

Clothes recommended for hanger storage are, simply put , clothes that wrinkle when folded .

Outerwear such as suits, jackets and coats

Suits and jackets with tight shapes are recommended to be stored on hangers.

Formal wear worn at ceremonial occasions should also be hung on hangers.

If it is folded and stored, it loses its shape and is not very breathable.

Formal wear, in particular, should be left in the closet after being worn.

Pants, skirts and dresses

Pants and skirts tend to lose their shape , so it is recommended to store them on hangers.

Skirts in particular can be folded in half and hung on a hanger, but if possible, a clip-type hanger that can hold the waist is recommended.

Soft shirts or blouses

Hangers are also recommended for shirts and blouses made of soft materials .

In particular, clothes made of natural materials such as cotton, linen, and silk are soft and difficult to fold, and wrinkle easily when folded , so it is better to store them on hangers.

What kind of clothes do you recommend for folding storage?

You can think of clothes that are recommended for folding storage as “ heavy clothes ”.

If you hang it on a hanger for a long time, you may worry about it losing its shape or stretching.

sweater (knit)

Sweaters and knitted clothing are garments that are made by knitting yarn (thread) .

Recently, there are products that contain chemical fibers in woolen yarn, but the characteristic of knitted fabric is that it stretches easily .

Therefore, if you hang it on a hanger, the sleeves and bodice (torso) may stretch.

However, if you are just going to wear a sweater (knit), it is necessary to put it on a hanger to let the moisture out in order to make the clothes last longer, so it is better to prepare a hanger for the sweater (knit). .

Sweatshirts and hoodies

Sweatshirts and hoodies are heavy items of clothing , so we recommend folding them for storage.

However, since the hoodie has a hood, you may think that it would be better to hang it on a hanger.

When folded, you might think that the overlapping part of the hood will collect moisture, but due to the weight of the hood, the neck area may stretch.

Therefore, it is recommended to fold the parka and store it.

How to think about which clothes are suitable for hanger storage

You can consider whether or not to store clothes on a hanger based on the thinness and thickness of the fabric, but a more certainty is to consider whether the fabric of your clothes is woven or knitted.

Are your clothes made of fabric?

A woven fabric is a fabric made up of alternating warp and weft threads .

This fabric does not stretch easily, so it is best to store it on a hanger.

Clothing made of woven fabrics are:

[ Textile clothing ]

  • blouse
  • shirt
  • slacks
  • skirt
  • formal wear etc.

It is recommended to store items that you don't like if they get "wrinkled" on a hanger.

"Kimono" is an exception even in textiles

The traditional kimono "Wafuku" is a woven fabric, but it is basically folded and stored .

Recently, some families do not have kimono, but if you have small children, you may need to prepare a yukata for children.

Yukata and kimono are textiles made by combining warp and weft threads.

Although it is a woven fabric, yukata (kimono) should be folded and stored immediately after wearing, except when the kimono needs to be ventilated.

This is because there is a disadvantage of "taking up space" when storing kimonos on hangers.

I think one of the reasons why I don't like kimono is that I don't know how to fold it.

Certainly, unlike clothes that can be folded freely, there may be people who don't like Japanese clothes that have a specific folding method.

However, there are opportunities to wear yukata during the "Summer Festival/Obon Festival" events at nursery schools and kindergartens.

If you don't know how to fold it, take it to the cleaners after the off-season, have it folded, and store it away.

Knitted garments are not suitable for hanger storage

Knitted clothing is representative of clothing such as knits and sweaters.

Because it is made of knitted yarn, it has excellent elasticity and is comfortable to wear, so many people like to wear it, especially in the fall and winter seasons.

[ clothing made by knitting thread ]

  • sweater
  • knit
  • hoodie
  • sweat
  • T-shirt

T-shirts, which are often worn in the summer, are also made of knitted yarn, so it is actually better to fold and store them.

You may think that a T-shirt is light clothing, but if you hang it on a wire hanger for a long time, the shoulder part may conform to the shape of the wire.

That's because of the fabric the t-shirt is made from.

So don't leave it hanging on the hanger, fold it and store it.

Advantages and disadvantages of hanger storage

Here are the pros and cons of hanger storage.

Advantages of hanger storage

First of all, there is the merit of hanger storage.

[ Benefits of hanger storage ]

  • visible storage
  • Since you can see what you are storing, you will not have to purchase duplicates
  • No need to fold the laundry

Disadvantages of hanger storage

Let's take a look at the disadvantages of hanger storage.

[ Disadvantages of hanger storage ]

  • I have to buy hangers
  • I have to secure a place to hang a hanger (there is a limit to storage)

Advantages and disadvantages of folding storage

We will also introduce the advantages and disadvantages of folding storage.

Advantages of folding storage

The advantages of folding storage are as follows.

[ Benefits of folding storage ]

  • No need to stock up on hangers
  • If there is space (place), we can store as much as we want
  • Can be stored compactly

Disadvantages of folding storage

Here are the disadvantages of folding storage.

[ Disadvantages of folding storage ]

  • I have to fold the laundry
  • If you fold it and store it, you won't know where you stored it
  • Some clothes are difficult to fold

Recommended hanger for hanger storage

Here, we will also introduce recommended hangers for hanger storage.

Hangers with wide shoulders

Hangers with wide shoulders are recommended for formal wear, suits, and other clothes that don't want to lose their shape .

There are also hangers for men, women, and children.

Ideally, you'll want a hanger that's large enough to fit over the shoulder of your garment, but for now, use a hanger with a wider shoulder area for storage.

Hanger with non-slip shoulders

Some hangers have a non-slip shoulder part.

Hangers like this are very convenient when storing " clothes with a wide neck " such as dresses and cardigans.

You won't find yourself slipping off the hanger and onto the floor of your closet.

Hangers for pants and skirts

It's okay to hang your pants on a wire hanger by folding them in half, but a wire hanger can cause them to slip off.

Therefore, it is desirable to prepare special hangers for pants and skirts.

[ Recommended hangers for skirts and pants ]

  • Skirt…Clip hanger with non-slip
  • Pants…Clip hanger with non-slip, hanger that can be hung in two

Depending on the length, clip hangers are recommended for both skirts and pants.

However, if your pants are long and the hem is likely to touch the floor, a hanger that can be folded in half is recommended.

There are various materials for pants, but if you have jeans, you can fold them and store them without worrying about wrinkles, so if you have the storage space, we recommend folding them and storing them.

Best storage method for clothes|Summary

This time, I introduced clothes that can be stored on hangers, clothes that should be folded, how to think about when you get lost, and how to choose a hanger.

The hanger storage method takes time to arrange the hangers, but it saves the trouble of "folding the laundry", so it is a recommended storage method for moms and dads who are busy every day.

However, it is not possible to store all clothes on hangers, so it is important to first research which clothes can and cannot be hung.

If you look it up first and remember it, you'll be fine, so let's enjoy "visible storage" without thinking too much.

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