[Gifts] What is a 1 -year -old child clothing who is pleased with the gift?

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What do you choose when you try to buy a gift for a 1 -year -old child?
I think many people buy clothes considering what they can use on a daily basis.
However, for those who are not used to buying children's clothing, there are many types, and when purchasing as a gift, you often get lost which one to choose.
So, this time, I will introduce what kind of children's clothing will be pleased with gifts.

About 1 -year -old clothes

When purchasing 1 -year -old clothes, choose in consideration of size and material.
Average 1 -year -old clothes are 80-90 sizes.
If you are born large, you may be wearing 90 sizes by the time of your birthday, so you may consider it in 90-95 size.
Also, a small child may still be wearing 70 sizes.
However, the speed of unable to wear it is relatively fast, so if you can, choose 80 size.

You also need to be careful with the material.
Since I was a baby, my skin is very delicate and a little stimulating my skin layer.

If you buy it only with the design, it may be itchy and you will end up wearing it, or you will have sweat rash and you will not wear it.
The child's body is small, but the sweat glands are the same as adults, so they are very sweaty.
Therefore, there are many moms who pay attention to the materials and purchase clothes.
It is very pleased to choose a gift that is kind to the skin that you do not usually buy.

What is good for children's clothing to buy as a gift?

So what will you be pleased when actually presenting your children's clothing?
Here we introduce a one -year -old children's clothing that is popular as a gift.


Many moms are happy no matter how many tops are.
You will be pleased if you give a stylish tops that are particular about the design and tops with special quality.
When choosing according to the season to give, it is a good idea to choose clothes that can be worn one or two months ahead of the season.
Tops are directly attached to the skin, so be sure to check the materials before purchasing.


The bottoms are very active from the age of one.
As you start to walk and become more active, your exercise will increase.
It is useful for everyday wear and outing.

BottomIt is recommended to choose 90 size when giving.

A child who was relatively large when he was a baby has a thick thighs, so if you give a 80 size, your wearing period may be shorter.
If it is large, it is recommended to choose a large one because you can arrive it ahead.

One Piece Skirt

One piece is often chosen for girls' clothes.
It is easy to choose clothes, and there are many types, so it is easy to buy gifts.
When the skirt is 80-90 size, the abundant design will increase.
Many people buy tops and skirts as a set.
One piece is ideal for gifts because many cute designs are sold just by wearing one piece.

Knit sweater cardigan

For gifts to choose in winter, we also recommend haorbeans such as knit, sweaters and cardigans.
Because it is a gift, it is pleased to choose a high -quality knit material.
When choosing a hailor, it is recommended to choose 90 size.
It is safe to select one size on one size so that it does not become tight when you wear it.
Many people think that if you give a gift in the cold season, you can spend a warm time, and give knits as a gift.


In the cold season, you will be pleased to choose the outer as a gift.
In particular, there are many moms who do not buy the brands of brands themselves, and I am very happy to get them as gifts.
The outerwear can be worn for a long time if you choose 90 sizes, as in the case of haori fabric.
If you get lost in the design, it is recommended to choose a simple color design that seems to be easy to match with any bottoms.


When purchasing children's clothing for gifts as a gift, you need to pay attention to the materials and sizes.
One -year -old children's clothes need to change their size depending on the type they buy.
This article introduces the reason why it is recommended for gifts for each item.
Please refer to this article when purchasing children's clothing as a gift.

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