[To the new rice mom] How long does the baby's 80 sizes switch?

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For the first time, I think that there are a lot of trouble because it is the first time for children to buy a baby's clothes.
Baby sizes are less likely to understand, and there are many things that you should choose at the stage?
So this time, we will introduce the basic knowledge of the baby's clothes you want to know, and the timing of switching to 80 sizes.
We also introduce 80-sized clothes from when to the time, so please refer to it.

Basic knowledge of baby's clothes

Cover all Rompose Separate Difference

There are several types of baby clothes.
Coveralls and Ronpers mean the type that tops and bottoms are sticking.
These are created for newborns and six months after birth.
There are many snap type designs and convenient to change your bedtime baby.
You can also easily change the omelet by opening the button below.
Because of the newborn-3 months, the frequency of diapers is high, so it does not have to take off one by one, like Bottoms.
The separate type is separated by tops and bottoms as adults.
In Japan, there are many moms that will wear separate types from around 6 months old.
Overseas, some countries are waking a separate of the newborns.
Therefore, the wardrect store of overseas brands also offers a separate-shaped clothes from newborns.

When is the timing to switch to separate?

It is not particularly decided to switch at this timing, but when the neck was sitting as a guide-I was supposed to sit when my waist sit.
When you go to bed, you will be active little by little and will extend the behavior range.
When you go to bed, sitting and high high, the baby will move on the way to the coverall.
If you do not stop all the buttons, you will move you and you have to chase the mom.
The coverall has a merit that it is easy to wear while sleeping, but there is a disadvantage that it is difficult to wear when it comes to work.
On the other hand, separates can be changed from the neck because they can be changed if they sit down.
Therefore, there are many people who switch to separate at the timing when the waist is sitting.

About baby clothes 80 sizes

What is the size to wear the longest?

It is said that it is 80 sizes that will be worn for the first time until you get 1 year old.

I will grow in a year since I was born.
In particular, since the newborn and three months have grown at a great speed, the coveralls around 60 will not be able to wear it immediately.
There are many shops that have been sold to 80 for a large girl of physique.
If the separates are also 80%, girls are especially the options such as one piece or skirt.
The growth speed will be worn for a long time with the first half of life and one-year-old, and there is also a feature that can be worn for a long time.

When will 80 sizes will wear?

The timing to switch is not clearly determined.
Some children who were born largely have come from around 2 months to 3 months, and there are children who start from around 6 months.
Because the baby will grow every day, you can choose to choose anything that has a relaxed size and spacious size and spend comfortably.
If you think that it is open and open between the coveralls and snaps, and if you think that it seems to be tight, the baby can spend a comfortable one.
There are also many people who change to 80, and many people switch to 80, and have a lot of sizes.
It is important to choose according to your personal growth speed because there is no clear decision to wear from any time.

How long can you get 80 sized clothes?

The timing when the 80 size can not be worn is not clearly mentioned.
However, in the case of overalls and romper, it is better to make the end of the end of high high.
You can work more actively if you have a high-high and moving baby preparing a separate.
Also, there are many children wearing relatively longer.
Some children have quit to wear in one year and a half in each person at each person, and some children are wearing two years old.
As with the starting timing, it is important to decide the timing to be finished in line with the growth of individuals.


A girl wears 80-sized clothes?

If you graduate from the coverall, the girl comes out of the skirt and one piece.
It is recommended to wear one piece or skirt from one-year-old or to walk.
There is no cover of her foot, so it hurts her knees and hurts her knees.
You may also get injured by hooking your feet in the skirt.
Therefore, one piece or skirt is only one year old, or it is a good idea to make it easy to walk.
And one piece is said to be able to wear long in clothes.
If you can wear it as a one-piece, you can also wear it like a tunic if a little length is shorter.
You can also wear more variations of coordination, such as wearing and wearing.
When I looked at the baby I started walking, I feel that it became a child suddenly, but the one-piece figure further enhances the attraction.
After a separate debut, it is also recommended to make a one-piece debut.


I think that it is difficult to know that it will be difficult if the baby's clothes should be worn for new rice moms.
In particular, I think that there are many people who feel difficult to size up.
This time, we introduced basic knowledge of baby's clothes, when you start wearing 80-sized clothes and when you can wear it forever.
Since the growth of the child has a significant individual difference, it is very important to change the size according to the individual growth.
Please choose a child's clothing while enjoying fashion for this article.

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