What is the cause of dry skin? Check out the materials of your clothes

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I think many people have a moisturizing and elastic image of the child's skin.
However, do you know that it's really delicate and even a little stimulation causes rough skin?
Therefore, this time, we introduce why dry skin of children happens, the cause and the appropriate measures.
It also explains how to select materials for clothes that you want to be careful to prevent dry skin.

Why children tend to have dry skin

It is said that children tend to have dry skin because of their immature skin function.
Until about two to three months after birth, the immune function when you were in amniotic fluid can work and keep it moist.

The skin is reborn every day, and the keratin changes.
The immune function that came out of the day gradually decreases, and the skin function that the baby themselves begins to work.

Compared to adults, babies have a weaker skin, so the barrier function is weaker.
If this barrier function is reduced, even a little irritation will hurt the skin and cause rough skin.
It is generally said that the thickness of the child's skin is half of adults.
In addition, children sweat very because they have the same number of sweat glands as adults, but their body is small.

Despite the fact that sweat is easy to sweat and the water is easy to get out, the function of keeping moisture is immature, so the skin is easy to dry.
In particular, the speed at which the barrier function declines is fast, so the surface tends to be dry and floured.
It is important to note that the amount of water in the skin will increase, especially in autumn and winter when air is easy to dry, and the amount of water will decrease.
It becomes itching as dryness progresses, making it easier to develop dermatitis.
If it gets worse, it may lead to atopic dermatitis, so you need to take proper measures.

Measures for dry skin for children

For dry skin, "moisturizing care" is very important.
If you have rough skin, you tend to be conscious of washing to wash it carefully, but you need to be careful because it will be counterproductive.
Moisturizing care is performed for the purpose of replenishing the water that has come out.
Apply moisturizer such as lotion and cream after bath.
It will be easier to penetrate if you leave a little time after bathing for about 5 minutes.
It is more effective if you gently soak.
Many moisturizers can be used by newborns.
It is recommended to choose a moisturizer used for children under the age of one, such as additive -free, paraben -free, and fragrance.

Also, from the start of baby food to about 3 years old, many children get dirty to their faces every time.
Some children cause rough skin by washing their chin and cheeks every time they eat.
Moisturizers such as baby petals and propets can be used around the face, and are made using ingredients that are okay if they enter the bite.
If you are worried about rough skin, you can prevent deterioration by lying both before and after eating rice.

Dry skin of children is also related to clothes.

Children's dry skin is actually closely related to the clothes that are usually coming.
The skin and clothes are rubbed because they contact directly, and the skin may cause rough skin.
Especially depending on the material of the clothes, it rubs and stimulates every time the body moves.
As a result, it may cause dry skin and cause inflammation.
Also, even if you take care with care, it is easy to take incorrect measures if you do not understand the material.
For example, it is very important to wipe your sweat as soon as your child sweats and change clothes frequently.

However, if the material of the clothes you change your clothes is strongly irritating to the skin, it will be counterproductive even if you change your clothes.
It is important to wear clean clothes, but it is most important to know the characteristics of the material and wear it appropriate clothes.
In order to prevent skin problems and dry skin, it is necessary to choose clothes with careful materials.

Materials of clothes that you want to be careful to prevent dry skin

In order to prevent dry skin, it is necessary to check the material with care for the following points.
Cotton (= cotton) is characterized by high absorption and moisturizing properties.
Cotton absorbs sweat. Cotton is often used for tops and underwear.
Cotton is softer than other materials and has a very nice touch.
It is difficult to friction between fibers, and there is also a feature that static electricity is less likely to occur.
Cotton -like natural fibers have a low burden on the skin, so they can be worn with children with confidence.

There are many 100 % cotton babies and children's clothes that are actually sold.
On the other hand, nylon polyester acrylic, called chemical fibers, is said to be easily damaged.
The reason is that the fiber touches the skin makes it easier to apply pressure, and it is said that the skin is easily damaged by rubbing.

Rubbing makes it easier to generate static electricity, and you need to be a little careful when letting your child wears.
Chemical fibers have no function to absorb moisture, so the dry state directly touches the skin, so friction is likely to occur.
The quick -drying and moisturizing properties that are often sold recently contain chemical fibers.

Even though the functionality is excellent, it is necessary to be a little careful when letting children wear it because the burden on the skin is large.
Clothes that use chemical fibers are also characterized by a cheap price range.
However, it is important to note that the child's skin is sensitive and once rough, it takes time to heal.
Not all clothes containing chemical fibers are bad, but there is a risk of rough skin.

Therefore, when wearing clothes containing chemical fibers, it is safe to wear cotton underwear and wear it.
You can propose the risk of rough skin by preventing direct contact with the skin.
Many people wear wool materials such as sweaters and knits, especially in winter.
It is recommended that you wear cotton underwear or tops before wearing them as well as chemical fiber.


Children's skin is immature than adults and is more likely to cause rough skin.
In particular, the clothes you are wearing may be irritating and the rough skin may worsen, so you need to pay attention to the ingredients.
In this article, we introduced in detail the reasons for the children's easily dry skin, measures, and the materials of clothes to prevent dry skin.
Because it is a thing that touches the bare skin of the child, please choose clothes sticking to the ingredients.

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