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I think that every mom raising children once felt that children's clothing would be surprisingly expensive.

Many people feel that the number of children is needed because the child growth is short, but they are quickly dirty, so the number is needed.

In particular, I think that Wama Mama, who has a child in a nursery school, has to prepare clothes for changing clothes in a nursery school and wants to save money.

So, this time, I will explain in detail how much you are in your children's clothing and what kind of clothes you are purchasing.

The average monthly amount for children's clothing is 4,000 yen to 5,000 yen

Bandai Co., Ltd. conducted an annual clothing fee for children's clothing in 2010.
The survey was conducted by age for parents with a 0 to 12 -year -old child, how many children wear children's clothing every month.
The survey shows that the average monthly amount of children's clothing is 4,000 to 5,000 yen.

There is a difference of about 1,000 yen for men and women, and there are more girls than boys.
Girls tend to spend a lot of money because they have many types of clothes.
However, girls tend to pay more for fashion and fashionable clothes since they were young.

On the other hand, boys are not very popular and have less clothes style, so they spend less monthly.
In addition, the boys move actively and play, so the knees of the pants are easily rubbed and painful.
Therefore, it is more frequent to replace the bottoms than a girl.
In this way, it was clear from the survey results that the way of purchasing clothes differs depending on the characteristics of men and women, and that the amount of expenses is different.

In addition, it was also understood that the characteristics of "petit plastic clothes" are the characteristic of the kamama who has children attending children to nursery schools.
This is related to preparing a change of clothes in a nursery school.
You have to prepare multiple clothes changing sets.
When it comes to clothes for 5 days a week, you have to prepare a large amount.
For this reason, there are many worms that are purchased at Petit Plastic brands with emphasis on quantity over quality.
I also found that the clothes like a nursery school and the holidays were separated.

I try to buy clothes for nursery schools at a low price, but it seems that holiday clothes are purchasing fashionable clothes with a slightly higher price.
By separating the clothes you wear, you can get sharp to your life, and there are many warma moms that are easy to turn on and off.

How much do you use for children's clothing?

Some moms may have been wondering how much to spend their children's clothing expenses.
It is very difficult to miss the timing of wearing children's clothing too much, or if you notice, the size will be smaller.
When actually purchasing, it is recommended that you decide how much money you spend for each item.

I go out on holidays and meet people, so I plan to buy fashionable clothes with a budget xx yen, I want to choose the quality of the knit as much as possible. You can save money by shopping.
It is also important to wear one good quality clothes for a long time.

When you buy it, your eyes tend to go to the petit plastic clothes, but it is characterized by the fact that cheaper clothes are cheap and easy to spread, and the fabric is easy to stretch and painful.
Even if you buy it cheaply, you need to buy the number, so it may cost a lot of total cost.

On the other hand, if you buy one quality clothes, you can wear it for a long time without any pain.
It is also recommended to choose a simple design or check border pattern that is hard to be affected by the trend.

If you choose a simple design, it is easy to match with any tops and bottoms, so the range of coordination expands.
Choosing clothes to wear for a long time can also reduce the burden on moms who shop every time.

If you have a brother, you can turn it down, and you can wear it for a long time.
Even if you have a temporary expense, choosing the first place in the long run will also save you.
Therefore, it is recommended to purchase separately for applications.

If you want to keep wearing for a long time

Petit mig is recommended when you want to buy one clothes for a long time.
Petit Mig is a brand that has high quality clothes and has a reputation for its feel and comfort and is gaining popularity from moms.

Although it is as high as a department store, there are many moms who buy it as a fashionable holiday because it can be bought at reasonable prices.
There are many simple, pale and gentle designs and colors, and it has a retro but elegant design.


Children's clothing is surprisingly expensive, and many moms are worried about how much they use every month.

The amount to be purchased has a characteristic for men and women, and it turns out that it depends on whether the child is in the nursery school.

It is recommended to buy children's clothing separately for everyday wear and outing.

In particular, you can wear clothes for going out for a long time by purchasing quality and design.

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