How long can 110 sizes in children's cost?

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Don't grow your child's growth quickly and you may have a mama who will be lost if you can wear this size clothes?

So this time we introduce the size of the children and the size of the clothes.

Also, we will explain in detail if 110 sizes can wear forever.

Please use this article by buying children's clothes.

How to decide the size of children's clothes

Children's clothes generally have a size of children's average height and average weight.

Under 80 cm, based on weight, 80 cm or more is calculated based on average height every age.

Children grow soon, so I tend to try to buy a large clothes.

However, large clothes have a disadvantage that it is likely to be duck or mokomoko.

It becomes difficult to move due to a large reason, and hem hem hem and danger to cause injury or accident.

Therefore, it is important to purchase clothes that match the child's body type physique while referring to the size as a guide.

It is recommended to measure "width" and "length"

If you want to buy a store, you can try it on, but if you buy online, you may not be able to try to fit because you can not try to fit.

At that time, it is recommended to measure the width and land length and check the size.

The width means the length between the side and the side.

It tends to give an impression that the chest is wide and extend widely, but it tends to feel the chest and stomach with the narrowly narrow.

Therefore, it is difficult to fail if you choose clothes around 4 cm of the width of the width actually measured.

Length means the length from where the root neck is attached to the hem.

It tends to give an impression that the length is short.

If the length is shorter, you will be able to get stomach and back, so let's choose something longer than the measurement value.

Children's size details

The size of the child's clothes is a standard for each age, and there is a characteristic of every age you want to know when choosing.

The points you want to pay attention to the feature and selection of clothes per size are as follows.

80 sizes

Age: 1 year old
Height: 75-85 cm
Body weight: 11 kg

It seems that there are many people who choose from the coveralls and romper to the separate type from the newborn.

It is a sign that switches to separate types when you start walking particularly.

Bottoms will be better to avoid skinny type as the movement will be active.

It is recommended to choose a relatively unique design, as it is too slimy design.

90.95 size

Age: 2 years old
Height: 85 to 95 cm
Body weight: 13 kg

When I am 2 years old, it is important to play outside, and it is important to choose the appropriate clothes according to the scene.

It is a time when the awareness of changing yourself is a time to sprout, so you may want to choose clothes that are easy to change clothes.

Also, this time is easy to sweat for actively sweat, so let's choose something that uses material and skin-friendly material with excellent absorbency.

In addition, since it is time to start toilet training, I would like to be careful about choosing the bottom.

It is easy to take off and easy to take off to take off the rubber type or relatively room design.

100 sizes

Age: 3 to 4 years old
Height: 95-105 cm
Body weight: 16 kg

After 3 years old, the growth speed is relatively slow.

In particular, it is often sucked by a body shape that is a plump body, and there are many designs that have a slight margin.

However, since rounding is gone from about 4 years old, it is characteristic that it will be a design that has been shook like adult clothes.

It will also be easy to enjoy fashionable because it will also increase the fashionable design of the adult face loss.

110 sizes

Age: 5-6 years old
Height: 105-115 cm

If you are 5 to 6 years old, your clothes will also improve your clothes, and you will be able to change cutter shirts and suspendering types well.

Because it is time to power up with age, exercise or play is a single stage, be careful about the hem or length.

It is recommended to choose a good size clothes for the body such as top and bottom.

120 sizes

Age: 7 to 8 years old
Height: 115-125 cm

A fashionable design and functional clothes that can be worn by school when you become more than one grade of elementary school.

Bottoms also has many zipper types, and there are wealth of variety such as skinny type and wide pants.

110 Size How long can I wear?

110 sizes are generally supposed to wear up to 6 years of age that corresponds to the nursery of the kindergarten.

There is no clear rule in the period of wearing, but if it is a small child, it can be worn even after 6 years old, and big children may be less than 5 years old.

When I wear too small, I feel that I'm going to move, and I'm getting better to move my limbs.

It is good to decide how long to wear it according to each growth speed.

Also, a guide to wear by men and women changes.

The boy wears pants, so the knee is easy to rub and holes are easily vague.

Since the amount of exercise is also increased and actively plays, it is characterized in that the joint part of the elbow and knee becomes easy to pain.

It is also good to finish wearing the holes or injured if it hurts.

Also, it is a sign of the end if the stomach is tight, and the length is shorter, so it is good to buy new clothes.

If the girl's dress is long, you can wear it for a long time if her chest is not tight.

The width of the coordination is spreading with spats and bottoms.

Skirts, long skirts and knee dress skirts can be worn relatively long.

There is no specific time to wear forever, but it is a sign that feels like it is tight or the length is shorter, and it feels like it feels tough.


It tends to be lost which children's clothes should choose, but it is important to choose clothes that are too large and not too small according to the child type of the child.

In this article, we also explain whether you can wear and wear at each size, and 110 sizes will be worn.

Children choice of clothes that fit the physique of children are very important to spend a child every day.

When you get lost in the size of the children's clothes, please select this article as a reference.

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