Not fail! Point you want to be careful about how to choose a child's clothing

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When choosing baby clothes and children's clothes, what are you eliminated?
I think there are many people who emphasize design and cuteness, but it is also important to choose clothes.
In particular, it is important to know and choose the characteristics of the material because knit touches the skin and tends to react sensitive.
If you choose clothes made of skin-friendly material, children can spend a good night and a day.
So this time we will explain the characteristics of materials that you want to know in choosing kids knitwear, and we will comment on the size you want to be careful when choosing a knit.

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About knit material

The material of the knit is made of three animal fibers and plant fibers and chemical fibers.
It is useful when you know the characteristics of each material and choosing children's clothing.

Animal fiber

Animal fiber corresponds to "Wool Cashmere Alpaca".
When it gets chilly, a sweater and cardigan using these materials will be sold, so everyone thinks that everyone has heard once.
Because animal fiber is excellent in the heat retention function, it can keep warmth even at cold days.
It feels itching when wearing a knit, caused by fat because the fiber is thick.
Cashmere is fine and soft hair, so it is a soft finish in the knit.
Cashmere is characterized by goodness and quality of the touch.
Alpaca is a weak fiber that is hard to have hairballs.

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The fiber itself is firm, so it is often used for outerwear.
People who want to buy knitwear with emphasis on warmth are recommended to choose Wool Alpaca Cashmere.
Children's sweaters and cardigans are more likely to be moisturizing.


Vegetable fiber

Plant fiber corresponds to "cotton".
Cotton knit is characterized by comparable to others.
Other fibers require dry cleaning, but cotton can be washed.
It is difficult to get worse even if it is washed because it is strong.
In addition, one of the particularly good features of Cotton can be worn for a long time.
Wool and cashmere are high moisture, but vice versa there is no turn to wear midwinter.
Cotton can be worn in spring and fall, so you can wear a long period of time looking at a total.
Cotton is a knit that cospa is also good and easy to wear.
Cotton is also commonly used for children's clothing. It can also be said to be an optimal material for children with sweaty.

Chemical fiber

Chemical fibers correspond to "acrylic polyester nylon".
These three are also called three major synthetic fibers and are scientifically synthesized.
There is a low hygroscopicity, and there is a property that it is difficult to cause static electricity.
Since acrylic is similar to wool, it has softness and warm characteristics, and it is often used as a sweater because the hair is firm.
In addition, since polyester is commonly used for fibers close to cotton, it is easy to handle because it is difficult to clean up because it is difficult to get quick-drying, so it is easy to handle.
Nylon is a characteristic that it is difficult to be similar to cotton, so it is used for stockings, and chemical fibers are often used in mixing with other fibers.

Mixed fiber

Some materials are made by mixing "60% acrylic 60%, nylon 40" "polyester 65%, 35% cotton".
You can make clothes that make use of the merit of each material by making a mixed material.
For example, cotton has a disadvantage that it is easy to become an absorbable half-wrinkle.
Polyesters are not absorbable but they are difficult to become wrinkles.
By combining these two, you can create a material that is highly absorbable and hard to become wrinkles.
As it is made of wool when wearing a sweater etc., I think there are people who have chicks and feel that it feels like it feels like it is likely when touching the skin.
Depending on the material you are using, it may feel that it is friction when touching the skin directly.
Therefore, it is recommended to confirm and buy the mixing material before purchasing.
When purchasing a kid for children, "60% acrylic and 40% nylon" are recommended.


How to choose kidnight knit

When choosing a kid knit, you need to be aware of the size.
In particular, it is important to choose a good knit that changes how to choose by age.
It is recommended to choose the same size as the size that is actually worn by 1 year old who has just started walking.
If you buy a large size, care must be taken as the sleeve may be injured and injured and injured.
When I was 2 to 4 years old, it is good to choose the size on the size or one size actually worn.

When choosing a size, it will be easier to choose to match the lifestyle of that child.
For example, it is recommended to buy out of one size, and for wearing in the room, and for the purpose of buying it with a just size.
It is recommended to talk about what kind and style of the style to be kind and style that children can speak the desired design and style in their own mouth when it is 5 years of age or older.

"When it is cold, turtleneck type is good", "It's easy to play with your hands and it's easy to play with a toy," will be a good job to think about clothes for children.
When choosing a knit in this way, it is important to consider the age and lifestyle.

Petit Mig is the quality of the department store

If you want to buy a kidnight knit in preparation for winter, the children's clothes brand "Petit Mig" is recommended.

Petit Mig sells a knit made of "mixed fiber" material that combines touch and comfortable.

In pursuit of the same high quality of the department store, many more cute elegant design clothes are sold.
If you buy it once and get your quality, there are many moms who are moved by the quality of the quality, and it is also a feature of Petit Mig that there are many people who have a repeat buy.


Knitters differ in characteristics such as moisturizing and quick drying by materials.
By knowing the characteristics of each material, you can help choose your child's clothes.
You also need to change the way you choose by age when choosing a children.
It is important to choose the size according to the age and lifestyle of the person to wear.
Children wear a good quality knitwear because it is a clothes to wear a child.
There are many high quality and warm designs, and moisturizing is high, so many clothes are being very active in the coming season.
If you are thinking about buying a knit, please look at the official HP of Petit Mig.

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