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If you finish your graduation ceremony, it is an admission ceremony waiting for you, but you may be lost in what clothes are good.

In the case of particular girls, I think there are many people who want to wear cute clothes.

But "admission ceremony" is a school ceremony.

"It seems to be too bad to wear it and it's pretty ..."

And there are many kinds of parents who are troubled?

So this time, we will introduce you to the fashionable entrance ceremony corde recommended for the entrance ceremony and the points you want to be careful before preparing.

Entrance ceremony

What is a girl's dress perfect for the entrance ceremony?

As it is the first ever to enter elementary school, I want to meet with the appropriate clothes (Corde).

However, there is also a preparation to arrange tools and items until you enter, and it takes time to prepare, so it may not be much time to worry about what kind of corde.

When the entrance ceremony approaches, it will be focused, but let's choose clothes with your child without being quick.

Girl's clothes perfect for entrance ceremony "Pale color (pastel color) clothes"

First of all, we will introduce what shade clothes are perfect for the entrance ceremony. It is "spring" that the entrance ceremony will be held.

Speaking of spring seasonPastel color (thin color such as pink, light blue)You can see very much.

pastel colour

It may be considered that "the colorful color is good to the school ceremony?" However, the entrance ceremony is a ceremony to celebrate admission.

Of course you can wear a ceremonial funeral,Black Kids FormalorThere is no problem with formal ware wearing at a graduation ceremony

However, because it is a great gorgeous ceremony, it is also recommended that coloring cords that become glamorous.

however,The clothes of primary colors and patterns are not suitable for the ceremonySo let's avoid.

Girls perfect for entrance ceremony "One-piece type"

Pittari on the entrance ceremony, and the popular girl's clothes are "one-piece type".

One piece isIt is difficult to break down with a waistSo, even if you wear a long time, it will not be burdened.

If you put Bolero on top, you will be very glamorous if you put corsage.

It is very gorgeous if you put Bolero in a thin pink or water style one piece and put a ribbon or pearl headband and corsage.

Of course, the one-peer type of calm color black and 紺 is also an elegant dress, so it is very recommended for the entrance ceremony corde.

Girl's clothes perfect for entrance ceremony "Suit type"

Like the one-piece type, it is "suit type" that is popular with girls.

Suit type Corde is very popular as imaged with high school uniforms.

And, even with a formal suit type, a formal suit type, even a formal suit type will be a gorgeous corde just by changing the blouse to wear.

Even when wearing a suit type, not only the eyebrows by accessibility, but alsoElegantAs we also, let's choose accessory tailored to Corde.

How to find out the clothes of the entrance ceremony girl!

If you can participate in your entrance ceremony free clothes, you want to pay attention to fashion as much as possible.

If the clothes are one-piece type or suit type, it often purchases in a set, so let's improve your fashion with accessories to wear.

Pointing point of the entrance ceremony Corde "Corsage"


It is a fashionable item that is easy to adopt.

The wearing clothes are one peer type or suit type, or if you put a corsage, you can add glamorousness.

But I want to be careful:Do not be too big CorsageIt is.

In Corsage for adults, there are children who feel too big and felt that they get in the way.

Besides, in the entrance ceremony, you may meet your friends after a long time.

In that case, it is still a kid, so it will not be very difficult to end in a standing.

Even girls also meet your friends and enjoy the schoolfish and be pleased.

At such time, if a large corsage is attached, it may be in the way when you shake your arms, or the corsage may shift.

Recommendation isSmall for the first time, it has been arranged and ribbon decoration is corsageIs glamorous.

Entrance ceremony Corde's fashion point "Hair decoration"

It is important to be a fashion point as a fashion point, as a fashionable point in the entrance ceremony.

The type of hair ornament chosen with the length of the hair also has changed, but if you are not at all, it is different from the unobtrusive.

There are various types of hair ornaments.

Type of hair ornament

  • Katyusha
  • Valletta
  • Pins etc

You can choose any hair ornament, but if possible, you are recommended to have a hair ornament of the same color as the "color" included in the clothes.

If the clothes to choose is a pastel color, there is no discomfort if the hair ornament is also pastel color.

Even in the case of a calm color clothes, you can feel elegant and glamor if you have a white pearl or pastel color as one point in the ornament.

Hair decoration, corsage and sloppyIt is very nice.

Entrance ceremony Corde's fashion point "Hairstyle"

What I want to think with my hair decoration is a hairstyle.

The hairstyle changes depending on the length of the child's hair, but basicallyHairstyle that is difficult to collapse even if it moves aroundLet's.

And to give a sense of cleanliness as much as possible,Hairstyle that does not stick to faceIs recommended.

Because it is a girl, the person is also delighted just by making it a different hairstyle.

However, because it is a girl, I want to be cute as much as possible,"I can not do it because the hand is unwilling"And some people may think.

In that case, it is recommendedThree knitting palms"is.


Although the hair is divided into two, it is a simple hairstyle that only knitting three, but there is a sense of cleanliness.

In the case of a shortcut active girl, it is okay to leave the hair outside, and it is cute even if you put a pearl headband.

It is also good to weave hair from the top of the head like a headband.

If you are a girl with a long hair, you can only knit the side and just stay with Valletta.

And it is the easiest to arrangeKururinpa"is.

Just add a ripple and decorate the part that is closed with rubber, and add it.

If you are worried if you can't arrange a difficult arrangement, try "Kururinpa" first.

Entrance ceremony Corde fashion point "socks"

It is one of the fashion points that should not miss socks.

It is good with white tights, and socks with races are also recommended.

It is good with white socks without decorations, but it feels like it is not enough to be glad.Socks with races (frills) and ribbonsIt would be nice.

If you choose socks with decorations (racing)

Attention of fashionable cords in the clothes of the entrance ceremony girl

Kindergartens and nursery schools were able to decide which way to go home convenience.

However, from elementary school, it is assumed that it will go to school at the beginning of the duty education.

In other words, the primary school entrance ceremony can be said to be an "official" event.

Based on them, there is a point to be careful with the girl's clothes that wears the entrance ceremony.

Wear uniforms if you have uniforms

When I enter elementary school, I must not make sure I have to confirm, but if there is "uniform" in elementary school,Wearing uniforms Mandatoryis.

Even if there is no uniform, it may be specified in the clothes, so it is necessary to hear whether there is a Corde who should not wear it from now on.

In particular, for uniform wear,Accessories (hair ornaments) are limitedIt may be necessary to check before preparing.

Not too flashy · Thinking TPO

The entrance ceremony is an expression that celebrates to enter elementary school.

It is an expression that is gracefully orfisure than graduation ceremony, but it becomes the first school event.

So,A clothing (Corde) that suits the atmosphere of celebration that is not too hardIs good.

But the entrance ceremony is the official school eventTpoLet's think too.

There are no flashy clothes, and they are children who attend.

Children will start a group life from now on, so it is not too floating.

Therefore, the clothes to wear in the entrance ceremony will avoid what is too fucked.

Even if some kind of glamorousness is permitted, the dresses that wear the wedding and piano presentations are not suitable.

If there were friends who entered the same elementary school nearby, it is also good to ask what kind of clothes (Corde) it was.

Because it is a official ceremony, cleanliness is also required.

TooIf you are too flashy, "There is no product"It may be considered.

It is a festive ceremony, but let's attend with a modest ornate.

First grader of Picapika

Fashionable clothing of a girl in the entrance ceremony | Summary

This time, we introduced the point you want to be careful before preparing and prepare for a fashionable entrance ceremony corde recommended for the entrance ceremony.

There are a lot of prepare for the graduation ceremony and there are many preparations before entering elementary school, so it is recommended that the clothes for entrance ceremony decide early.

Before your entrance ceremony, let's stop going to buy a shop just before the entrance ceremony.

You may be able to go at the same time as the preparation of your graduation ceremony.

Formal wear wearing in a graduation ceremony can be worn by an entrance ceremony.

So, aligned accessories for entrance ceremony for adding glamorousness, and after that, we will finish the preparation of wearing the entrance ceremony.

The girl is sensitive to fashionable, so let's choose with your child and enjoy the growth of the entrance ceremony and celebrate the growth of children.

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