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In today's era when internationalization is progressing, more and more people are visiting various countries and enjoying exchanges.

You can see how adults enjoy the interaction, but their children are enjoying them without language.

Meanwhile, as a common point of cultural exchange in each country, I tried to focus on Children's Day.

There are various countries in the world, but having children is common in every country.

So, if you check out each of the celebration of children's days around the world, as a common topic, exchanges will deepen.

This time, we will introduce how to celebrate children around the world and how to celebrate each country.

Is there a child's day around the world?

"Children's Day" in Japan is a holiday as a day to celebrate the growth of boys as a festival.

There is also a "Hinamatsuri" on March 3 as a celebration day for girls. So what about other countries?

Suddenly the answer,There are Children's Day around the world

What is deeply involved on overseas Children's Day is "World Children's Day"When"International Children's Day"is.

The detailed Ikisatsu will be introduced below, but the "Children's Day" on May 5, which is now a holiday, was not actually a holiday.

However, it was a holiday because of this "Children's Day of the World".

First of all, I will explain from the difference between "World Children's Day" and "International Children's Day".

What is "World Children's Day"?

"World Children's Day" was determined in 1954 that November 20 would be "Universal Children's Day". What was decided by the United Nations is the "Convention on Child Rights" and "Child Rights Declaration". To put it simply, it looks like the following. [Convention on the rights of children and the summary of the declaration of child rights
  • Protect your child's rights
  • Let's enhance the welfare of children
  • Don't discriminate your child
  • Have the right to receive education

The date on which this content was adopted will be November 20. By the way, November 20 was enacted as the World Children's Day, but since "Children's Day" may be a good day for governments around the world to choose a good day, Children's Day is unified. Not.

What is "International Children's Day"?

"International Children's Day" is enacted earlier than the world's day. It was the beginning that Turkey established April 23 as the national sovereignty and Children's Day.

"" Later in Geneva in 1925 "Children's Welfare Welfare Conference"June 1st" was established as "World Children's Day".

For this reason, many countries around the world have set "June 1" as "Children's Day". In Turkey, Children's Day has been established for 30 years, which was decided by the United Nations.

You can tell that you have a strong feeling of wanting to cherish your child.

Is the date different for each country of "World Children's Day"?

In Japan, "May 5" is enacted as Children's Day and is a holiday.

So, are Children's Day around the world common?

"Children's Day" is enacted in various countries around the world, as the date of the world's day and international children's day is different.

So I checked Children's Day in the world.

Children's Day from all over the world

I listed Children's Day from all over the world. [Children's Day from all over the world
  • America ... The second Sunday of June (but not established as a country)
  • France ... I haven't established Children's Day
  • UK ... I haven't established Children's Day
  • Germany ... June 1st and November 20th (depending on the state)
  • Italy ... January 6th
  • China (People's Republic of China) ... June 1st
  • South Korea (Republic of Korea) ... May 5th
  • Spain ... April 15 (Madrid is May 2nd Sunday)
  • Australia ... One week including the 4th Wednesday of October
  • Russia ... June 1st
  • Sweden ... The first Monday of October
  • Canada ... November 20th
  • Turkey ... April 23rd

Looking at Children's Day from all over the world, some countries are not enacted, and the date is different.

Because the United Nations made a recommendation that "you can choose a good day"Children's day in each country is different

For each country, the traditions and customs that have been continuing for a long time may be considered.

Celebration and events for each country of "World Children's Day"!

I examined how to celebrate and events for children's days from all over the world.

However, some countries do not have Children's Day, so we will refrain from referring to countries that have not been established.

American Children's Day [June 2nd Sunday (depending on the state)]

On American Children's DayNot enacted as a country

However, there seems to be Children's Day depending on the state. Therefore, it is not enacted as a holiday. It seems that churches have always been celebrated in the church on the second Sunday of June. Therefore, the event as a Children's Day is not particularly transmitted.

However, there is a concept that tells you that this day is important. that is,How about a parent buying a toy to a child?There seems to be a way of thinking.

Children's Day is not only to buyAn important day to give the joy of childhoodIt seems to be a position.

It is a sign of not only giving things but also the desire to leave the joy that is memorable by children.

German Children's Day [June 1st, November 20th]

German Children's Day is a bit complicated.

The reason is that the former Germany was divided into "West Germany and East Germany". The division of Germany was unified again in the year when the 1989 Berlin wall collapsed.

The wall collapsed, and Germany was unified again, but the enactment of Children's Day was different in the west and east. Before the collapse, the West Germany stated on September 20 as the World Children's Day, but East Germany stipulated International Children's Day on June 1. In 1990, it was unified into the former West Germany, but the residents living in the former East German area celebrated on June 1 as Children's Day.

Nowadays, children's days are on holidays, and in Churingen, November 20 is a public holiday as the World Children's Day.

So,The date to celebrate as "Children's Day" varies depending on the area where you liveIn a sense, it may be said that there are many days to celebrate children.

Italian Children's Day [January 6th]

On Italian Children's DayEpifania DayIt is also called, and it is a day when children can receive gifts.

Socks with sweets for good childrenCharcoal for bad childrenIt seems that there is a tradition that a witch is presented.

It seems that schools and offices will be closed on January 6, which is also Children's Day, but Christmas holidays are until this day.

Therefore, I imagined that it is considered an extension of Christmas, associated with socks with sweets.

Children's Day in China (the People's Republic of China) (June 1st)

On Chinese Children's Day, "International child clauseIs called.

It was implemented in 1950, and on this day, a gift will be given to a child. The school is closed for children under the age of 14, and the admission fee for exclusive facilities may be cheaper.

By the way, it seems to celebrate May 5, the old history, as "Dango", but it seems different from the international children's section and has nothing to do with it.

Children's Day in Korea (Republic of Korea) [May 5]

South Korea is a holiday, which is the same date as Japan, which is established as Children's Day.

However, because it is the same Asian area in the same date as Japan, the origin is completely different.

Children's Day in Korean, "Orini NaruIs called. Orini means a young child, and Naru means day.

Equality has been advocated as a precious entity with women and childrenEast -class philosophyIt seems that this "Orini Naru (Children's Day)" was created based on ".

In Olini Naru, not only children's events but also many families' events are held, making it very lively all over the city.

Australian Children's Day [One week including the 4th Wednesday of October]

In Australia, Children's Day is not enacted on holidays.

but,One week including the fourth Wednesday of OctoberofInternational Children's WeekIt is set. It is said that children are considered to celebrate children's right to enjoy the childhood and to extend the talent and ability.

Therefore, it seems that a learning program is held in events for children and public facilities (museums). In addition to celebrating children's growth, it is devised to extend the talent and special skills of children.

Russian Children's Day [June 1st]

Russian children's day will be June 1st.

"International Democracy Alliance Meeting" was held in Moscow in 1949,Because this day (June 1) was a proposal to be international children's dayIt seems that this day is the day of the day.

On Russian children's day, it seems that there are no customs to give a present, but it seems that events that children can enjoy are held at shopping malls and theaters.

Swedish's Day of Children [First Monday of October]

Sweden is a country where children's rights are very important. "The child is born and one person 's concept is penetrated, and the right of the children is respecting from an early age.

Learning through experiences and children are considered because children are young.

Therefore, this day isA discussion of children's rights and self-expressions at schoolThat's right. As a result, it is likely to go to school with your favorite self. Children's autonomy is important.

In the city, what kind of event was done was not understood, but it is a country that cherishes children, so I imagined that they were spending while enjoying them.

Canadian Children's Day [November 20]

In Canada, too, the day of children is not penetrating. However, November 20, all over Canada, will be called "Children's Day". SayChild Day MethodWas enacted.

On November 20, the United Nations has been enacted as "world children's day", but the country actually established on November 20 is only four countries, which will hit one country.

And it is enacted in Canada, but because it is not a public holiday, it seems that events are not very active.

Turkish Children's Day [April 23]

Turkey who has been able to create a child's day,The first "Children's Day" was established earlier in the world. In the first place, the "child of the country represents the future of the country" that was built in the first place.

Originally, it was said that it was the "establishment day of the National Congress", but afterDominological control and child's dayIt seems to be ". You can see that the top of the country considers not only the country but also the future of children, and is very important. On this day, children who wear red traditional costumes are parade!

Turkish traditional costumes are very glamorous, and there are many types and gorgeous. I think that I would like to see this parade someday.

World Children's Day | Summary

This time, I introduced what kind of celebration is doing every country in the world.

Examining the day of the world of countries around the world, there are countries that are established as a holiday and a country that is not enacted. However, it does not mean that the children are not valued.

Some countries are considered to lead to children as well as children, but also to lead to children. The way of celebration is ten people.

If there is another opportunity to interchange in the future, it may be a material that enjoys the difference between each other's culture by introducing the event and tradition of the children's day.

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