How do you choose the toddler's winter? Operation from outer to inner

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In early childhood, it is time to felt the growth of children.

It is very pleasant to be able to grow, but at the same time, cold seasonal protection is a lot of people who should choose what kind of clothes.

You should be able to buy it according to growth, but it may be difficult to be difficult.

For now, I think there are many parents who think that warm windy striking is not possible to catch a cold.

Cold arrival is not only an outerwear, but also the inner (skin wear) to wear under the clothes, and it will be able to spend a warm even cold winter.

So this time, the anti-child's cold clothes will be exactly explained from the outer to inner.

Children's cold clothes

How old is the infant? How to choose a cold arrival by age

Children's growth is good.

The age of starting to nursery schools and kindergartens is the day-to-day growth.

Therefore, every time you buy clothes, you may be troubled "Which size should I buy?"

In particular, the outerwear that is wearing out is very lost, or if you should choose a perfect size or a perfect size.


Therefore, we will introduce how to choose a cold arrival by age by age, but how many years says to the infant?

The scope of "infant" is different from various scenes.

So I checked it from one of the laws related to the children.

As a result, the infantPreschoolers from 1 to 6 years oldIt seems that it is the age group.

In other words, you start eating baby food and point to the children of the age before going up to elementary school.

Since growth is a tuner of the toddler, it may be worrying about what outerwear can be protected from the cold.

Toddler anti-winter / outer type!

There are various kinds of outerwear as a winter.

Because there are various things, there are times when you get lost.

Even at the time of infant, it is better to know that there is a wolf wear that can be dressed.

Therefore, we first introduce the introduction of the outer type.

Calloon jacket (quilting)

Cotton jacket

The cotton jacket is a major outerwear as a toddler.

When I go to the shop of children's clothes, it is very colorful and cute and cute.

It is such a cotton jacket, but it is particularly recommendedquiltingIt is an outerwear.

The bottle-out outerwear is a very warm impression that is mokomoko.Difficult to moveThere is a disadvantage.

However, because the quilting is caught with a thread, it is not mokomoko and it is very slim.

It is also recommended for children who run around well, but there is also design, so it is recommended for kids who want to decide.

Down jacket

Down jacket

It is no exaggeration to say that the outer representative is.

Fair is included, but the price will be stated by goods,At the lightness and warmthIt will be.

As a disadvantage, it is "Mokomoko" as well as a cotton jacket.

Recently, some can be washed (hand wash),Best Type Down JacketThere is also, let's choose the easy-to-wear thing.


Very light and easy-to-wear fleece is very popular as a cold protection.

There is also heat retention, but the air permeability is very good, so it is not recommended for a very cold midwinter that snow falls.

However, it is recommended for the time when it gets cold and cold.

In the very cold time of midwinter,Cold weather wearing under the outerwearAs a very good recommendation.


A little chilly, it is a recommended outerwear at the beginning of feeling.

Because there is no sleeve part, if you want to prevent lively children and wearingInCold weather wearing under the outerwearIt also plays an active part.

Because the material being made is also various, it is safe if you wear it when it is also cold in the outerwear.


It is an outerway from autumn to winter or winter to spring.

When you go out,Cold weather wearing under the outerwearIt is also possible, butYou can spend warm even when spending in the roomworld.


The fabric is quite thinBloomIn terms of ", there is no cold weather that will take care of this outer.

However, because the fabric is thin, "the cold of midwinter" is quite severe.

Recently, some fleece materials are used on the lining, so from autumn to winterWindy dayRecommended for

Wool coat

Wool coat

Wool coat,The design is very good, very fashionable outerteris.

However, it should be noted that it can be as follows as a disadvantage.

Wool coat disadvantages

  • Cleaning is very difficult (can not use washing machine)
  • heavy

The material of wool iswool"If you wash your clothes at home, you may also think that you need to think that cleaning is necessary.

If you like playing outside and often get dirty, it does not orient.

However, because it is excellent in design, it is very recommended when "fashionable and out".

How old are infants from?

If you want to represent a child, there are various ways of calling. For example, "infants and children".

Therefore, I checked the age that corresponds to the "infant".

The scope of "infant" is different from various scenes.

So I checked it from one of the laws related to the children.

As a result, the infantPreschoolers from 1 to 6 years oldIt seems that it is the age group.

In other words, you start eating baby food and point to the children of the age before going up to elementary school.

If you think again, "Toddler timing" will feel that growth is messy.

Since growth is a tuner of the toddler, it may be worrying about what outerwear can be protected from the cold.

It is rough, but we also introduce the outerwear combined in each infant period.

How to choose a cold arrival arrival at the age of children (1 to 2 years old)

Children are as small as small as small as they are smaller.

So, this time is tooDo not limit movementIs recommended.

In particular, in the case of a age that can not talk well, I will take a attitude of "crying and ill" to tell you that you can not move.

However, if you are from the parent's point of view, there are times when you do not know why you are crying.

Kids who have wanded away from cold clothes are very cute and very cute, but be careful because they are crying or crying for the following reasons.

Children crying (gum) reasons

  • My arms do not move freely
  • hot

And because it is often dirty this time, it would be nice to be easy to clean.

☆Recommended outerwear at this time

  • Best
  • Parker
  • Cotton

How to choose a cold arrival arrival in the early child (3 to 6 years)

When this is done, everythingI want toThere are many children who say.

As it is when it starts to appear in the emo, it may be a good idea to be frustrated, but it may be frustrating.

As such scenes are also increasing, they can easily wear with children's handZipper typeRecommended for cold clothes.

Fastener type outerwear

And if the age goes up, it will be able to wear it yourself and you will not be dirty, so the button type outer and a little price will be a little price, but it is also recommended that the light down and fashionable wool outerwear.

☆Recommended outerwear at this time

  • Best
  • Parker
  • down
  • wool

Cautions when choosing a toddler's cold clothes!

You may be troubled when buying a toddler's cold arrival.

We will introduce you to be careful when buying a cold year.

Siblings and sisters presence or absence (whether there is a sighting destination)

When I purchased a cold protection of children,How long can I wear it"

Because the growth of the child is very fast, you may not be able to wear next year.

However, if there are sisters such as brothers and sisters, you may not be very difficult.

There are also many people who think that they are "especially worn out" (especially outerwear), so you may be okay to choose a child's favorite design, except for things that are too odd.


When you buy a cold winter, the point you care earlier is "size".

If you want to wear that season, you want to spend their seasons,One-size big cold weatherIt would be nice.

Children also have a very surprising child if there is a slow growth.

And because it is "winter" that wears a cold winter, clothes under the outerwear will also be thick.

Therefore, the size is perfect,The part of the arm and the shoulder is hard to move from tightIt may feel that it feels.

2 Size is a bit dangerous to move and move around, but if it is a winning winter on one size, a little sleeve is long. It is about to feel.

The cold is quite different because the "neck" is warmed away, so if the size is large,Warmcan also do.

Wearing outerwear

There are children who dislike gloves, so let's say that in that case, let's respond with a long-lasting sleeve.

How to choose an outerwear by toddlers!

When I buy a cold protection, I think it is often going to go to the store directly and try to buy goods and buy it.

Of course I can not do it, but if you think about what to wear in the scene (scene), you will be less time after going to the store.

In particular, depending on the type of outerwear, there is also a product of material that needs cleaning, so let's think about purchase everywhere (scene) often.

Recommended outerwear to attend kindergartens and nursery schools

If your kindergarten or nursery school has passed, you may have specified from the garden.

The specification may have a difference by the garden, but is often as follows.

Outerwear at kindergarten and nursery school

  • Type not hooded
  • Zipper type
  • It may be dirty

In the following, I will introduce each.

<Outerwear with hood>

First of all, "outerwear with hood" but if the outer is hooded,HoodIt is afraid that the neck is scratched by playing equipment and peoplethere is.

There is an "out of play" in kindergartens and nursery schools.

At that time, teachers are watching their children, but it is impossible to watch all children for a long time.

The hood may be scratched to the playground equipment. Let's keep in mind that you can enjoy it happily with less dangerous outerwear.

<Fastener type outerwear>

The fastener type is "button type"Easy to wearThere is an advantage that

Especially if the age is low, you can not keep the button yourself, and you may be able to change your teacher and change it.

For fastener types, you can raise the fastener yourself if you get the first part of it.

<Good outerwear>

Some of the people attend kindergartens and nursery schools,Toilet trainingThere will be many children who are working hard.

In particular, children may take care of the play and endure the toilet to the last minute.

Overweight out-of-winter will arrive, so it may take some time to go to the bathroom, and it is often affordable clothes not only the outerwear.

Not only toilet training,Sometimes sitting in the sandboxSo let's select good outerwear.

Recommended outerwear when playing outside

Even if you play outside,Basically, it is possible to spend a kindergarten or nursery schoolIt is all right.

Outside play, I'm going to run around or play sand, so if it is a good outer, it is easy to move,There is no restriction on movementSo children can play well.

RecommendedBest (Cardigan) + Combination of Cottonis not it.

It is easy to wear easy to wear and take off.

☆Recommended outerwear☆

Petitmig (Petit Mig) -Camouflage Knit Cardigan

Camouflage knit cardigan

Camouflage knit cardigan.

Because it is a very soft skin, the comfort is also excellent.

Because there is a presence, it is recommended not only when playing out, but also when you go out.

Recommendation for going out with a family

There are two patterns to go out with my family.

Pattern of out of family

  • Shopping
  • Play in the amusement park and the place

When playing in the amusement park and the placeFashion similar to going to the parkIt is all right.

However, if you go shopping, children tooCute and coolYou are better.

In that case, the girl is a wool coat or Down boy down,Warm, but looks cleanIt will be good.

Of course, it is good even if it is a mochi outerwear, but if you are doing it, it may be scratched and destroyed by the product of the shop.

It looks like it looks good as much as possible and fashionable outerwear.

☆Recommended outerwear☆

Petitmig (Petit Mig) -Knit Vest

Knit vest

It is the best worn under the outercons and wool outerwear.

Because there is a room around the neck and shoulders, the shoulders are not painful.

Not only turtlenecks but also to blouse, so you can decide to fashion when you go out with your family.

Recommended outerwear when spending leisurely

When I spend a leisurely in my house, it is a bit coldCardigans and vests that are lightly welvingIs recommended.

As it spends in the house, it is difficult to spend in the mokomoko outerwear, and if you wear clothes another, it will be difficult to wear and move.

☆Recommended outerwear☆

Product Name "Linen Touch Relax Cardigan"

The neck is also relaxed and is a thin and simple design, so I do not choose clothes to wear inside.

Because it is thin, it is a cardigan that is easy to adjust body temperature.

How to choose a toddler anti-winning and inner!


Toddler's cold clothes want to check the inner but also inner.

Recently, there is also a fully functional inner (skin wear), so try various inner according to the situation at that time.

And the inner (skin wear) may be troubled if it is necessary to wear it.

By wearing an inner, there may be a question that it will be a thickness because the number of clothes to be dressed will increase.

So we will introduce you to the inner of the other in the first place.

Do you need an inner in an infant?

Introducing the need for inner.

It is common to children who came to be able to wear clothes by myself, but there are children who do not wear inner (welding).

Perhaps I think that it is because it does not feel necessary to wear a skin wear, but because it does not feel necessary (^ ^;

There may be many people who don't need to wear inner.

Therefore, we will introduce you how to wear inner.

Reasons for needing inner (skin wear) "Keep the skin clean"

"Children sweat sweat", but inner (skin wear) isSuck sweat and keep the skin clean

Because metabolism is also active, it is secreted from the skinSebumYou can also absorb.

If you are not wearing underwear (inner), sebum and sweat are absorbed directly in the clothes that are worn, and clothes will smell.

Reasons for needing inner (skin wear) "Protecting clothes from dirt"

It also leads to cleaning the skin, but when wearing clothes without wearing clothes,Sweat and sebum are for clothes, and cause of yellowing and smellIt will be.

Who did you have a yellowish in a white T-shirt, did not wash or crying?

The yellowing that did not fall at that time is "sebum dirt".

If you put on the skin, sebum dirt also adheres to the skin wearing, so it will be less likely to get the clothes.

Reasons for needing inner (skin wear) "We can adjust body temperature"

The role of skin wear not only protects clothes from dirt,Temperature controlThere is also.

In the inner,If you sweat, absorb sweat and keep your heat to lower your body temperature so as not to miss heat.There is also a role.

As it can respond to the change in the season, I think that the inner childhood, which is still a young age who is not judged by itself, is necessary for any inner (welding).

There are the above reasons, so children are small, while you can wear inner as much as possible.

What is a thickener?

The inner was introduced to have a role in body temperature regulation, but how long is the child feels hot?

A long-ago, "Children are metabolic, so I can wear one little more than adults".

But basically, the standard of the number of clothes wearing at the winter of the child isSame number of adultsThere is no problem as to think.

However, depending on the age of the child, "hot" may not be said by yourself.

Therefore, we introduce how to make sure that it feels hot because it was too thick.

that is"Do not touch the back of the child and sweat"is.

If the kid's back does not sweat, it can be said that it is just a good condition that does not feel cold.

If you are sweating, please try to take off one by that you feel the heat.

And when I'm making a bird skin, I often feel cold.

At that time, try to put a piece and look at the situation.

If you think that is it? If you think, put your hand on your back and check.

Please do not be surprised by putting a cold hand and not surprising (^ ^;

Inner material recommended for toddlers

Here we introduce the material of the inner.

Some people may not worry about the material of the skin wearing.

However, if you know the characteristics of each material, you will be able to be comfortable even in cold winter.

Since there are not many materials in the inner (wet), please enjoy the coordination of the day, as it is in light of the schedule of the day of the day.

Inner "cotton material" recommended for toddlers

The most common material is "cotton material" with children's inner.

Most of the baby's skin wear is made of "cotton material", so in a sense,Funny innerIt will be.

Water absorptionorBreathableBecause it is excellent in it, it is easy to wear sweat.

Therefore, if sweat sucks, it feels cold, so please change it as soon as possible (before the body cools).

Inner "chemical fiber" recommended for toddlers

Inners made of chemical fiber are also very popular.

Depending on the productWarmthInsulationMoisturizingAnd, there may be a very good function to wear in winter.

As a disadvantage, because it is chemical fibers,I do not fit my skinThere is also a case, it is necessary to be careful after wearing it.

How to choose a recommended inner

There are not only in the old-fashioned cotton material inner but also very high-performance inner.

We will pick up each good feature and introduce what kind of inner to choose every scene.

If there are many outfaces?

No matter how cold, there are many children who are running well outside.

Some children may be sweating even if it is cold.

So a child who has a well-playing or sweat,Cotton material innerIs recommended.

However, the inner insects will save the body, so please change your cold as soon as possible.

If you spend slowly in the room?

Even if you spend slowly in the room, you will wear it as much as possible.

Chemical fiber inner is also warm and warmth, so it feels warm more than in the inner of cotton material, so if you spend slowly sweat,Chemical fiber innerIs recommended.

However, depending on the person, it may be necessary to note that chemical fibers may not fit the skin.

Inner with children's skin

Choose with your favorite design

How to choose the inner by spent changes, but as a fundamental choice,Choose the inner of the design I likeIt is also important.

There are various designs in the inner.

In the case of an example, it is the following design.

Inner design

  • Camisole type
  • Tank Top Type
  • Type in half
  • Long-sleeved type

Inner (underwear) wears clothes on clothes, so any design of any design is. Some people may think.

However, if "my favorite character" is printed even if it says skin wear,tensionIt will change.

Girls are also very sensitive to fashion.

Adult women will not compromise as basic fashion.

Children are the same,I want to wear my favorite skinwritingIt is better to think.

So, let's choose the design inner of the design that children will be delighted as much as possible.

How to choose a protection of toddlers | Summary

This time, I would like to choose from the outer to inner, what should I choose from the outerwear.

In-childhood cold clothes can spend a warm winter if you think about the outerwear that wears above, but also the inner (skin wear) to wear under the clothes.

If the children are small, it will often be purchased on the premise of being dirty.

However, I want you to see the pretty figure of the fashionable cold weather along with the hope of children as much as possible.

It is only that time that you can see the cute figure of the infant period.

Please spend your mind and body warm with your favorite cold army.

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