When do you change summer clothes in the nursery school? Introducing the recommended half -sleeved, half -pussy

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When I start going to a nursery or kindergarten, the most worrisome thing is "What kind of clothes will be worn by children?"That's right.

It is desirable to wear clothes that match that season, but from spring to summer, it overlaps in the rainy season, and many dads and moms are more and more troubled with children.

Even in the year, changing clothes this season is the most lost time.

  • Do you want to do it at a stretch at a stretch when you change your clothes?
  • When do you want to make it half -sleeved?

Even adults may get lost in the clothes they wear, so if you can't adjust your body temperature well, it's even more so.

So this timeWhen is the summer change of clothes in the nursery school generally?or,How to wear children's clothes from spring to summerAnd, I will introduce the recommended half -sleeved and shorts.

Change clothes considering children

When do you change your children's clothes?

In recent years, the season after the rainy season is ambiguous, and hot days may continue before the rainy season.

Despite the changing season, if the weather changes, you will get lost in your clothes every day.

When did you change your nursery school?

When have you generally change clothes in nursery schools and kindergartens?

When changing clothes from spring to summer in nursery schools and kindergartens with uniforms, "changing clothes"June 1There are many.

By the way, when changing clothes from autumn to winter, "October 1st"

Not only nursery schools and kindergartens, but schools with uniforms (elementary school, junior high school, high school) will usually turn into summer clothes on June 1st.

I think that nursery and kindergarten uniforms have a lot of smog type, but even if you look at the fabric of smog for summer, it is quite thin compared to winter.

However, there are nursery schools that do not have to wear uniforms every day, even if you have uniforms, so in that case, go to the park in the clothes that match the season.

You may need to wear it at the event, so be sure to wear summer clothes uniforms at any time.

What is the guideline for changing children to summer clothes?

The changing schools with uniforms, such as nursery schools and kindergartens, were usually introduced as "June 1st".

You may not be able to wear summer clothes before June 1.

If you need to wear uniforms on a regular basis, you will change to summer clothes all at once from June 1st, so you will be in winter clothes, but if you do not have uniforms, you do not need to match it.

The standard for changing children is "temperature"is.

In the weather forecast, the dayMaximum temperature and minimum temperatureWill be introduced, but let's check the temperature.

If you don't wait for June 1st, you can wear half -sleeved if it's a very hot day, or if you feel cold after June 1, you can wear long sleeves.

The date of general change of clothes is a guide in the first place, so you may want to start cleaning the winter with the date around that.

Changing clothes and storage of winter clothes

How do you change your children's clothes from spring to summer?

Children have a higher body temperature than adults, but they are not yet well adjusted.

In the spring to the summer season, ""rainy seasonThere is also a time.

If the rain lasts for a long time, you may feel chilly.

And children who go to a nursery often get sick from around Golden Week.

You may be tired of your unfamiliar group life, and it is also the turn of the season, so you need to be careful when changing clothes from spring to summer.

Therefore, I will introduce how to change clothes from spring to summer.

Change children's clothes and make full use of underwear

Children tend to be more likely to regulate body temperature than adults and are more likely to get sick.

Therefore, as a countermeasure against cold weather, "" "" "Layered underwear"is.

Many people may think that layering is "what to do in winter", but in the chilly season, just wearing one underwear under a shirt will help you prevent cold.

Underwear absorbs sweat when you feel the heat, so it is not only worn as a countermeasure against cold.

There are the following types of underwear.

Sype type of underwear

  • Long sleeves (7 minutes length, 8 minutes length)
  • In half
  • Tank top (camisole)

When it is chilly, it is safe to wear long -sleeved underwear and wear tank top underwear when you think it's hot.

And when I go to a nursery or kindergarten, just in casePrepare all kinds of underwear for changing clothesIt is safe if you do.

For children to spend comfortably

Estimated temperature and coordination examples

How much temperature should I actually use as a guide?

Children may not be able to adjust the body temperature yet, and even if they feel hot and cold, they may not tell.

So, let's decide on clothes to wear a nursery school, using the temperature as a guide.

~ 20 ° C

For adults, I want to put on a light cardigan on top, but children often have high body temperature, so long -sleeved shirts are OK during the day.

However, it may be windy or cold in the shade, so wear a thin haori when you go to a nursery or return.

Coordination example:
Half -soothing underwear + long sleeve + long pants


It is okay to be half -sleeved, but if you wear it in half, wear underwear well.

In the case of the length, it is okay to be thin, but if you wear underwear in preparation for it.

Coordination example:
Half or tank top type underwear + half -so -being +7 minutes length pants


It is okay to spend half a throat, but if it is 25 ° C or less, it is better to wear underwear.

If you wear underwear, it will suck your sweat firmly, so make sure that your shirt is cold and your body is cold.

Coordination example:
Half -sooth or tank top type underwear + half -soar + half -pants or 7 minutes length pants

Introducing children's clothing change and recommended items!

It is a difficult season to wear clothes, but we recommend a simple children's clothing that can be worn as much as possible.

PetitMig's children's clothingCuteness in the simplicity that is not bound by the trendAlso provided.

Above all, there are a lot of children's clothing with a very good texture, so not only the summer heat but also the dazzling heat during the rainy season.

Here are some recommended items when changing clothes from spring to summer.

From spring to summer, recommended children's clothing "Design Cut Pants"

Design cut pants

The part is designed, It is a pretty shorts.

It's very simple, but it's very cute even if you put a simple T -shirt on the tops for a wide design.

Even in the hot summer, you can spend a cool time without losing cuteness.

>>> See "Design Cut Pants" in detail

From spring to summer, recommended children's clothing "Summer Soft Tee"

Summer Soft T

verySimple T -shirtis.

There is no discomfort even if you put on a pattern blouse or hoodie above.

100%cotton and sweating well, so you can wear a long season from spring to autumn.

Because it is a beige and black two colors, if you choose the color depending on the temperature, you can wear it without any discomfort even in the summer when you feel a little chilly.

>> See "Summer Soft Tee" in detail


This time, we introduced the summer clothes in the nursery school in general, how to wear children's clothing from spring to summer, and the recommended half -soveres.

If it gets cold, you can prepare something to put on or wear long sleeves, but you will be wondering when to change clothes from spring to summer.

If I put long sleeves today because I thought it was chilly, it was very hot, and vice versa.

Moreover, children are times when body temperature can not control well, and some children do not say "hot and cold".

If you have a cold, it's a pity, so please be careful for your dad and mom.

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