Kids returning home! What week of luggage and clothes for one kid alone?

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There are many families who return to the Golden Week (GW) time and there is a closed off.

However, the smaller the child, the worry about the luggage brought.

Therefore, I thought about myself to walk myself and I wanted to move, and I thought about the most difficult timing (2 to 3 years old) kids' clothes).

However, even in the north or south of the place to return home, the luggage to bring will change, so I think it will look around.

This time, I will introduce you to the children who are kids with children, and one week of luggage and clothes are needed to be released by relatives.

Returning home

Cautions when preparing the required luggage in a long-term restoration

Long-term vacation is in GW, summer vacation (Obon), winter vacation and various seasons.

This time, we will introduce the case of GW that is troubled with the turn of the season.

What I want to check when preparing a luggage at the time of returning home

Luggage packaging is essential when returning home on a long period of time.

If it is an adult luggage, it will be a minimal luggage for a few luggage, but2The time of the age-3 years old is the most contaminated timeIt is also.

Therefore, I think that there are a lot of papamamas that you need to worry about the number of children's clothes.

Therefore, when preparing a luggage, we will introduce you to be checked first at home.

Cautions at the time of returning home for long-term vacation 1

Before preparing the luggage (kids' clothes) prepared for returning home, you may need to be sure.

that is,"Whether you can wash at home"is.


If the washing machine can be used, if the washing machine can be used, it will reduce the luggage slightly, but it will not be possible to connect with your relatives and travel as it is.

When returning home on any long-term vacationConfirm as much as possible schedules for action schedule of returnLet's leave it.

And, please tell me that you want to use the washing machine while staying at the home.

Cautions for long-term rest home 2 "Check if there is a store where children clothes can purchase"

I think that the confirmation of the luggage at the time of returning home is probably done many times.

However, children's behavior is difficult to predict.

To that end, the luggage prepared may not be enough.

In such a case,Procurement locallet's do it!

To do this, you also need to check the shops that handle children's clothing locally.

In particular, if the return destination is "remote island, countryside", there may be a shop even if there is a shop or there may be few items.

If it is possible to raise children's clothes locally, you will be born in a little heart.

When returning home, the toilet training during moving is closed

The time to start toilet training changes depending on the growth of each child.

I think that Papa Mama also works hard to be able to answer your own intentions and to be able to communicate your own intention.

During the age of 2 to 3 years, the toilet training is peakit might be.

Toilet training

However, let's take a break during the move when going home.

This is due to the transfer means at home, but if you use Shinkansen and Airplane,I won't say that my child is excited and wants to go to the bathroomIt is from.

And at home, it may be fun to go to the toilet if you have fun with relatives (grandparents) that can not meet easily.

As we will go to the environment different from your usual, toilet training will be closed to be able to spend a lot of time.

However, there are children who are used to cloth pants and dislike wearing diapers.

In that case, please call me frequently to encourage the toilet, not only the way of moving, but also to escapes the toilet.

If you are using a paper diaper at home, please take a toilet firmly if you are prompted.

What is the return to Golden Week?

There are many families who are returning to "Let's show you a cheerful face" and "I will show you a cheerful face soon".

Therefore, the luggage for returning home (child's clothes) of GW isDuring the daytime difference in the daytimethat's why,Let's prepare both half-sleeve and long sleeves as possible

In particular, when returning to the northern surface, there may still be snow. (When I went to Hokkaido at the end of May, it still had snow yet (^ ^;)

In that case, it is better to prepare winter outerwear.

When preparing a luggage,It is better to check the cold of the return destinationis not it.

Recommended for long-term restoration return "Luggage checklist"

A checklist for luggage (children's clothes) during long-term rest home.

I think that "not enough," depending on the child.

Please try plus by the frequency and dirt of the toilet of your ordinary children.

Luggage (children's clothing) Checklist

Return to the northern surface

It is a checklist for returning to the northern surface.

The year is different from the change in temperature, but it is assumed that it is rare to be a sweaty and cheerful.

There will be a good day to spend, but I think that it is necessary to take measures for cold as it goes north, so let's prepare long-sleeved clothing as much as possible.

Luggage (children's clothing) Checklist

※ There is excluding the subtribution (for a week, the stay is 5 days and 2 days)

item Number of sheets
  Long-sleeved skin clothes (thin, thick) 6
  Pants 7
  Long-sleeved shirt 6
  Bottom 7
  Cardigan (Parker) 2
  Winter outer 1
  pajamas 2
  socks 5

Luggage (children's clothing) Checklist

Return to the south

In the case of the South Return, some areas may sweat, but it is cold at night, and all clothing can not be said to be OK with short sleeves.

Therefore, basicallyFor daytime, long sleeves for short-sleeved and nightYou should be prepared by the idea.

Luggage (children's clothing) Checklist

※ There is excluding the subtribution (for a week, the stay is 5 days and 2 days)

item Number of sheets
  Wear (short sleeve · long sleeve) 6
  Pants 7
  Short sleeve shirt 4
  Thin long sleeve 2
  Bottom 7
  Cardigan (Parker) 2
  pajamas 2
  socks 5

Luggage (Kids' Clothing) Checklist Cautions

The above table assumes the number of luggage for children's clothing assuming that the number of days of stay is 5 days and the movement date for two days.

fundamentally,1 set of days of stayAs it is to be in restraining,Two plasks and bottoms as sparedoing.

If laundry can be washed at a return destination, only the number of luggage for your stay will be okay.

However, you may meet relatives (grandparents) and get excited and fail to get toilet.

I would like to prepare with enough room, but luggage is not only clothing.

You also need toys and sweets for children, and you also need adult luggage.

So, don't think about it too deeply, "If you don't have enough, you will be procured locally."

What is the clothes of a child who is pleased with relatives?

I'm going to see my relatives (grandparents) that can not usually meet, so I want to go with them as much as possible.

However, it is hard to buy new clothes every time of returning home.

That's why you talk in clothes that have been dirty or dirty even if it gets dirty, isn't it?

If so,Clothes that can be worn about as much as possibleIf you select and make a newThe first easy-to-eat clothingIt is recommended to have new tone.

that is"I can wear it and what I can wear with one piece"is.

When you fit your relatives (grandparents), you will also think that you want to show the figure of fashionable, but also relatives (grandparents) that can not meet not only Papa Mommy.

But relatives (grandparents) are also experiencing parenting, so it should not be very difficult to eliminate the clothes of your normally kids.

However, there will be a feeling that if you have the opportunity to go out with me, you will see a lovely and well.

Therefore, I think it will be pleased if you decide and prepare the clothes that will wear when you go out and go out when you go out and go out.

In the case of children's clothes and girls who are pleased with relatives "One Piece"

One of the children's clothes to be pleased with relatives (grandparents),one piecethere is.

It is a girl's clothes, but somehowDress that draws the cutenessis.

And there is an advantage that the one piece is not only "cute" but also luggage and works.

One piece is connected to the top and bottom, so it is not necessary to prepare a "shirt and bottom".

And, just by changing the inner to be worn down, you can change the impression, so I do not think about coordination.

And, "Easy to wearThere is also the advantage of "".

If you feel cold, if you wear a cardigan or a hoodie, it will also be a cold protection.

☆Recommended One Piece☆

Petitmig (Petit Mig) -FlIstund Flower OnePiece

Frill stand flower dress

A floral dress that makes a retro atmosphere.

Because this one piece is cute even if it is cute, you don't have to worry about wearing.

As children can wear loose, children do not feel cramped, and the underwear wearing down is okay to wear a thick skin for cold measures.

Since the material is cotton, it sucks sweat and cleaning is easy, so it is recommended not only for returning home but also to travel.

Children's clothes and boys who are pleased with relatives

As a kid's clothes to be pleased with a boy's relatives (grandparents),Easy Worned Cardigan (outer)Let's pay attention to it.

Depending on your children, boys think that boys are very active and tend to be easy to get excited by shinkansen and plane of mobile means (though it is imagination).

In such cases, it may be run out suddenly, soEasy-to-remove outerwear (cardigan hoodie) that can be adjustedIs recommended.

Weatherwell (Cardigan and Parker) also easily responds to changes in temperature, and it also hides the inner to wear.

So when you meet relatives (grandparents), a little bit of tough feathers (cardigan and hoodie) are recommended.

☆Recommended feathers☆

Petitmig (Petit Mig) - Check pattern pocket Shirt

Check pattern pocket shirt

It is a long-sleeved shirt that can be worn even if it is one piece, but I can wear a T-shirt and wear it and wear it, so I'm outstanding.

Since it is 100% of cotton material, the skin is also good, and care is easy.

Even if you return to cold areas, it is a calm color shirt, so coordination to wear cardigans and hoodies will be easier.

When returning to children's clothes and cold areas that are pleased with relatives

At the time of returning to cold areas, I really worry about my head.

Even if the return destination is cold, it is not cold until it goes to go, Especially in case of trouble.

In such a case, it can be kneeledA little bit thicker cardiganIs recommended.

Although it is thick, it is easy to hold it and it is easy to wear and easy to wear.

Not only in cold areas, local temperatures are different, so even if you check the weather before returning home, the weather forecast may come off.

So, at the time of the way to return home, if there is a thick cardigan, if there is a thick cardigan, isn't it a little easier?

☆Recommended Cardigan☆

Petitmig (Petit Mig) - Low Gauge Knit Cardigan

Logges knit cardigan

It is a cable knit cardigan that is not dependent on the epidemic.

The touch is good and warm, so it is perfect for measures against cold, so it is a calm design, so the impression of relatives (grandparents) may be good.

When returning to the clothes and hot areas of children who are pleased with relatives

Even when returning to a hot area, let's prepare the featherwell as when returning to a cold area.

When returning to a hot area, the air conditioner may be running in the way of moving, and the sun may be strong.

for that,Shield the wind of the air conditioner or prevent strong sunlightAlso, the cardigans and hoodies that are lightly fucked are recommended.

Kids with children | Summary

This time, in a kid returning home, one week of luggage and clothes have been introduced to a relatives who have a weekly luggage and clothes.

The packing of returning home at the active time will be annoyed.

It is still even if you go to an environment different from the area you live.

It is also important to check the local cold and heat in the local relatives (grandparents) living in the field.

For adults, it is a difficult event for moving and luggage preparation, but it is also a memorable event for children.

Even if you were buying enough, it may not be enough, so it's too bad, so please give priority to enjoying it too much and enjoying it with your child.

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