How much do you spend on children's clothes each month? How much should you buy?

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Kids grow up so fast, so you'll have more opportunities to buy children's clothes.

Therefore, many people are wondering how much other families spend on children's clothes.

I'm Maruko Sakura, a writer for children's clothing brand PETITMIG.

Children grow really fast, so many people want to keep the price down if possible.

So, this time, we will introduce PETITMIG's recommended points, such as how much you spend on children's clothes each month and how much you should buy.

What is the monthly cost and price for children's clothes?

Each family is different, so the cost will vary.

And depending on the age of the child, the cost of children's clothing will also change.

Specifically, I tried to find out how much it would cost at what age.

How much does children's clothes cost by age?

I checked the cost of children's clothes for each age of children (0 to 6 years old).

We are referring to the 2009 Cabinet Office Survey Report on Child-rearing Expenses Using the Internet.

Since this survey is conducted over the Internet, only those who have access to the Internet will be able to answer.

[ Expenses for children's clothes and others per year ]

  • 0 years old: 88,513 yen (about 7,376 yen for one month)
  • 1 year old: 69,750 yen (Approx. 5,812 yen per month)
  • 2 years old: 65,521 yen (Approx. 5,460 yen per month)
  • 3 years old: 62,049 yen (Approx. 5,170 yen per month)
  • 4 years old…67,001 yen (Approx. 5,583 yen for one month)
  • 5 years old: 56,586 yen (about 4,715 yen for one month)
  • 6 years old…70,294 yen (Approx. 5,857 yen for one month)

(Quote: Excerpt from the 2009 survey on child-rearing costs via the Internet)

The items in the table above are "clothes, underwear, shoes, bags, and other personal items."

Not only pure clothes, but also fashion accessories are included, so I think the cost of children's clothes will be a little less.

In that case, you may think that the monthly expenses related to children's clothes are about 5,000 yen .

I'm curious! How many children's clothes do moms buy each month?

The materials released by the Cabinet Office are as above, but how many children's clothes do moms actually buy each month?

So, I asked my mom friends.

As a result, it was around 5,000 yen .

However, many people said, "However, I don't buy every month, but I buy underwear and socks in bulk when they are on sale."

In common, they did not buy children's clothes every month.

What is the approximate price of children's clothing?

And I also checked the price guideline of the children's clothes that I was interested in.

The approximate price and the difference in usage depending on the price are as follows.

[ Estimated price of children's clothes and usage ]

  • Less than 1,000 yen…For home that can be dirty, and for nursery schools and kindergartens.
  • 1,000 yen to 3,000 yen…Wear for outdoor play, nursery school/kindergarten
  • 3,000 yen or more…For going out

Reasonably priced children's clothes seem to be worn at home, nursery schools and kindergartens for washing and changing.

Many mothers choose clothes that they don't mind getting dirty and are easy to move around in because they don't go out much.

Clothes that cost between 1,000 yen and 3,000 yen are said to be worn when going to the park or going to kindergarten.

Children's clothes priced at 3,000 yen or more are for family outings and trips.

When I go out, people will look at me, so I try to coordinate as neatly as possible. There were many opinions.

And even if they go to a kindergarten or a nursery school where they don't have to wear uniforms, they seem to wear pretty clothes as much as possible .

Especially if you go to a kindergarten, there are children from various households, so it seems that they may be judged by their clothes. It seems that they are using it, so they need clothes for adults.

However, basically, there were many mothers who " buy clothes that their children want to wear ".

When the mother didn't want to wear the clothes she chose, she began to buy them after listening to her child's opinion, so the price has been going up since then (^^;

When your child starts attending nursery school or kindergarten, it is also a time when they want to dress up, so I want to give top priority to the child's sensibility.

Where to buy children's clothes

What kind of stores do you buy your children's clothes from?

I also asked my mom friends about this.

Undergarments and underwear are "discount shops"

Depending on where you live, there are shops that sell not only food but also clothing and home appliances.

During the sale there, many people were buying in bulk.

My children don't care about underwear at all yet, so when the price is low, I buy one size larger together.

That way, you can wear it even when you grow up, so you don't have to rush to buy it after it's worn out, so you can rest assured.

Reasonable "Nishimatsuya"

Nishimatsuya, which is famous for its reasonably priced children 's clothing, sells a lot of colorful and pop clothes .

The larger the size, the more relaxed the taste is, so if the size fits, it will be worn by a wide range of age groups.

However, since everyone is using it a lot, I sometimes bump into "a girl wearing the same clothes" on the street.

And, depending on the season, there are products starting at 99 yen, so there are probably many mothers who are aiming for this sale.

"Shimamura & Birthday" that can be purchased with adult clothes

Shimamura sells not only children's clothing, but also adult clothing, and bags and shoes are also sold at reasonable prices, so I think many people use it.

And Birthday is a store that sells children's goods developed by the Shimamura Group.

Therefore, we sell children's clothing for younger age groups than Shimamura's children's clothing.

It is also very popular because it is very reasonably priced.

In a way, I think this store is synonymous with fast fashion .

"Shopping malls and department stores" where you can find all sorts of things

Shopping malls and department stores are lined with many specialty stores.

Not only children's clothes, but also household goods, furniture and home appliances.

There are also many stores specializing in children's clothing .

There is also a children's clothing department directly managed by the shopping mall, so in a sense, you can choose as much as you want.

Many of the children's clothes purchased at shopping malls start at around 2,000 yen, so there are many patterns of customers coming to the store for sales or for their children's wishes.

Many of the children's clothes we carry are very fashionable, so mothers who buy clothes for playing outside and going out, and mothers' clothes that match their children's clothes are also purchased.

There are many specialty stores, so it can be difficult to decide which one to buy.

And I get the impression that most of the children's clothing sold in department stores are of very good quality and design .

The price range is a little higher than clothes in shopping malls, but it feels very nice, so I think many people use it as a gift.

Author's recommendation: "Children's clothing brand PETITMIG"

Let me also introduce the children's clothing brand PETITMIG.

PETITMIG is an online children's clothing store. (Hereinafter referred to as Petit Mig)

To be honest, I have the impression that the children's clothing sold at Petit Mig is a little overpriced.

However, it is made from the idea of ​​" clothes that are kind to children ".

Here, let me introduce Petit Mig's thoughts and reasons for recommending it.

Thoughts of Petit Mig

First, let's start with the brand name "PETITMIG".

PETITMIG was created by combining the words " PETIT " and " MIG ".

The idea is to “surround yourself with small and cute things and be happy every day .”

Petit Mig is made with the idea of ​​"clothes that are kind to children", but in concrete terms, it is as follows.

Petit Mig's thoughts "Never miss a moment of the cuteness of a child"

Children grow up quickly and get dirty, so I know that there is a feeling that reasonable things are enough.

Of course, we do not deny that thought either.

Children grow really fast, and they quickly get dirty when they spill food or play.

That's why I think it's important to think about reasonable children's clothing.

However, if the child starts saying, "I don't want to wear that dress," then I want you to let me wear "the clothes that the child wants to wear."

Petit Mig clothes are often simple and stylish.

However, it is designed to be easy for children to move.

Cute clothes are items that make children smile.

Petit Mig hopes that children's smiles will make people around them even happier, so that children can wear their favorite clothes and spend precious time with smiles .

Petit Mig's thoughts "Through clothes, we want to make children around the world smile."

The desire to wear Petit Mig clothes and show a happy smile is also directed to children all over the world.

At Petit Mig, we donate a portion of our sales to volunteer groups for the future of children around the world .

And we are also doing activities to deliver clothes to children who really need them.

It is common in the world that the smiles of children bring happiness.

I am filled with the desire to support such a prosperous future for children around the world.

Reason for recommending Petit Mig "Reasonable in the long run"

Petit Mig clothes are a little more expensive than fast fashion stores.

But in the long run, it's also quite affordable.

Petit Mig's recommended point "Many unisex clothes"

Children's clothing is often sold separately for men and women.

As an example, I think that it is often deployed as follows.

[ Example of clothes sold separately for men and women ]

  • Gender is separated by color (e.g. boys → blue, girls → pink)
  • character thing

If there are two or more children in the family, many parents would like to ask their siblings to help them.

However, hand-me-downs are often difficult if the gender is different.

In such a case, you have to prepare clothes separately for each person, so it costs money.

Then there's Petit Mig.

Petit Mig clothes, especially T-shirts and light blouses, can be worn by both men and women.

It can be worn by both men and women, so even siblings of different genders can pass it on.

Therefore, as long as the clothes do not go out of size, you can continue to wear them, so in the long run, it is often more reasonable than buying new .

Petit Mig's Recommended Points "Materials and Designs"

Petit Mig's clothes are simple, but they also express cuteness with their unique designs.

Considering whether it is easy for children to move, it is designed with an emphasis on ease of movement .

Therefore, it does not interfere with children's play, so they can spend their time freely.

Another point is " materials ".

No matter how easy the design is, if it is made of materials that are difficult to move in, it will be difficult to move.

Petit Mig's clothes do not use materials that make it difficult to move.

It is mainly made of cotton material, so it has the advantage of being comfortable to the touch and easy to absorb sweat .

And one of the points is that it is easy to care for because it is mainly made of cotton material.

The simple yet fashionable and cute design allows you to wear it without being bound by trends, so you can wear it for a long time without worrying about trends.

Petit Mig's recommended point "Introduction of coordination on Instagram"

Petit Mig's Instagram introduces many of Petit Mig's clothing coordinations.

Many children are wearing Petit Mig clothes, so you can get a sense of how they look and feel .

As for coordination, what I want you to see above all is the smiles of the children !

The appearance of smiling children wearing Petit Mig clothes also has the effect of making people happy.

If you feel inspired by Petit Mig's clothes, please take a look at Petit Mig's Instagram.

☆ Click here for Petit Mig's Instagram account ☆

Monthly costs and prices for children's clothes | Summary

We have introduced PETITMIG's recommended points, such as how much you spend on children's clothes each month and how much you should buy.

The monthly cost for children's clothes is also related to the budget of each family, so it cannot be said unconditionally.

However, in the Internet survey conducted by the Cabinet Office in 2009, a rough estimate was announced.

The results of this survey may not apply to everyone, but you can use them as a guideline when budgeting for children's clothing.

Petit Mig clothes are simple but cute.

We use materials that are easy to handle at home and high-quality materials that are gentle on children's skin, so you can wear them for a long time.

Children's smiles are so cute.

From now on, I hope that it will be a future where children can smile.

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