New Year Petit Jumbo Held!

A year-end Petit jumbo holding with gratitude this year!

All customers purchased at the online shop in 2021!

Discount coupon will hit by lottery!

[1 mag] 80% OFF coupon ... 1 person
[2 etc.] 50% OFF coupon ... 3 people
[3 etc.] 30% OFF coupon ... 5 people

【About the campaign】

All customers purchased at the online shop in 2021.
※ We are eligible for orders from December 31, 202 (Fri).

The order number is the lottery number as it is.
For order numbers, please check from "Order History" after logging in to the email you are sending at the time of purchase or login to the official site.

【About winning announcement】

We will draw a lottery at Inst Live on Tuesday, January 4, 2022.

The winning result will be posted on the Instagram and official site, so you can check from that.


【About contact of winning result】

Only winners, you will receive a coupon code to your email address you entered at the time of purchase.

Delivery of coupon cords to winners will be sent by email after January 5, 2022.

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