"Admission type Corde" that can be used for everyday clothes

It is soon the entrance ceremony season.
Are you decided to wear in the entrance ceremony?

Because the ceremony clothes usually don't usually go out,
It is often not worn even if I buy it.

Therefore, we introduce admission type Corde using PETITMIG items that can usually be used˗

Just change socks and shoes, entered Corde completed!

Because it is an item that can be used for the usual outings,
It is also recommended to wear one by one.

If you are worried about your admission ceremony, please check it by all means♪

Knit Vest

▼ Wear items are here

Knit Vest

This knit vest is
Because it is not too thick, in spring
It is an item of great success.
Two-color development that is easy to match

▼ It is worn as usual wearing '˗

Double trench coat

▼ Wear items are here

trench coat

Cute sleeves and
Flower type button points!
Difference around
trench coat

Pintack Dress

▼ Wear items are here

Pintack dress

With a transparent fabric
Cute collar points!
Depend on
Girls like one piece

Entered Corde with PETITMIG Item
Please refer to it by all means♪