Kids 職業体験を開催しました!

We held Kids work experience!

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On July 10th (Sun), we held a "Kids Work Experience" for children aged 3 to 5 years old.

At the actual store, in the form of playing the store”,
I thought it would be nice to have an event where children could have fun while learning about the work of apparel, so I planned a work experience for kids.

It was the first event to be held, but many people applied and we were able to hold it safely.

In order to prevent infectious diseases, we divided it into two sessions in the morning and afternoon, and four families participated on the day.ˊ˗

Change into uniforms and start working experience for kids!

The uniform is a PETITMIG T-shirt ˊ˗
Create your own original name tag and start working experience!
I learned greetings to customers and practiced greetings energetically ♪

Create your own shop bag ˊ˗

While learning the raw materials of paper bags and that paper is an environmentally friendly material,
Design with stickers and drawings to complete the original shop bag!

Coordinating on a mannequin ˊ˗

Put your favorite clothes on a mannequin to complete a cute coordination
I was able to dress it well!

Recommended clothes for customers!

Exciting cash register experience ˊ˗

Experience cash registering by actually using the cash register!
Peep the barcode with the PETITMIG staff♪

Put the product in a paper bag designed by yourself and give it to the customer
I was able to serve customers well ˊ˗

Finally, get a certificate of completion and finish the work experience!

As a proof that I worked hard on my first job,
The PETITMIG staff will give the children a certificate of completion♪
It was wonderful to see everyone working so hard ˊ˗

Impressions of families who participated in the experience
What kind of work experience can a 3-year-old child do? ?
Can you do it properly? ? I was worried, but
I was very satisfied with the content that I could enjoy even a 3-year-old.
After that, I met my grandfather and grandmother,
I was happy to show the name tag I received.
I was so excited that I was going to talk about Petit Mig at kindergarten.
I'm wandering around holding the bag I drew with care all the time.
It seems that you are immersed in memories by putting things in and taking them out while chatting.
The importance of greetings and the commitment to paper bags should surely remain in your heart.
Thank you for letting me learn that kind of importance, even if it's for a small child.
I really felt that you took the time to think and prepare.
She seemed to have a lot of fun, and the store was cute, so she said, "I can't go back yet."
Thank you for your kindness and for giving me this opportunity.
It's a wonderful memory of the summer of 3 years old, which only happens once.
thank you very much.
It was a wonderful day that my daughter will remember forever.
Her clothes are also my daughter's favourite.
During the workplace experience, even small children could do things like sticking stickers, so my daughter really enjoyed it.
I would like to go shopping with my family again.
Thank you for the wonderful memories.

Comments from PETITMIG staff
It was the first time for kids to have a workplace experience at Petit Mig.
Greetings, mannequin coordination, customer service, cash register, etc.
It was an experience that even small children could enjoy and understand.
The children who participated were nervous at first, but
Find your favorite clothes and put them on a mannequin,
When I actually served customers, I could see that they gradually became less nervous and enjoyed recommending clothes themselves.
I was very happy to see the children choosing clothes that they thought "I want to wear!" and "Cute!"
We hope that through this experience, children will become interested in working and apparel work.

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