[Size guidelines by age] Choosing the right size for children's clothing

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When buying children's clothes at a store, you can choose together with your child to make sure they fit your body and try them on.
However, recently, it has become possible to purchase clothes on the Internet, and I think many people are using it.

This is Maruko Sakura, a PETITMIG writer.

We often hear moms and dads say, "I bought it online, but the size didn't fit."
This applies not only to children's clothing, but also to adults.

Therefore, some families may refrain from buying clothes online.

Therefore, this time, we will introduce the age-specific size guidelines for children's clothing and how to choose a size that will not fail.

Approximate size for each age group!

Body shape changes with age, and it's just the boundary between "babies" and "kids".

The size of children's clothing is basically determined by the " JIS standard ", but there are some differences in size depending on each brand.

And some children grow very quickly, while others grow slowly.

That's why so many people get confused when it comes to choosing the size of children's clothes.

From now on, I will introduce the "guideline" for choosing the size of children's clothes, but please understand that it is only a guideline.

Age-specific size guideline "Newborn to 3 years old (baby clothes)"

Compared to when they were just born, they've grown a lot by the time they're 1 year old.

This is a period of very rapid growth.
The clothes worn by newborns are diapers, so they must be romper-type clothes.

By the time they reach the age of three, the diaper may or may not come off, and some children may begin to change their clothes on their own.

Also, since this is the time when children start to move around actively, children's clothes should be neat and stylish so as not to hinder their movement .

Children's clothing during this period is made loose so that adults can easily wear it, so there is no problem if you choose clothing that fits your child's height.

Estimated size by age "From 3 years old (Kids)"

Probably, there are many parents who get lost in choosing the size of children's clothes from this time of year.

At this time of year, it's time to start wearing neat clothes, but many children are still potty training.

Therefore, you can choose an outerwear size that matches your height, but choose pants that you wear underneath (bottoms) that have an elastic waist or can be adjusted in size .

It is also the time when the individuality of the child's body begins to emerge.

[ Worry about choosing the size of children's clothes ]

  • Although the upper body is slim, the lower body is plump and does not fit the size of the height
  • Because it is slim overall, it is baggy at the height size

I also hear a voice like that.

In that case, basically, the height size is a guideline, but if the lower half of the body is thin, choose the lower size, and if the height size is too baggy, choose clothes that are the size that the child can wear and do not feel in the way. Please give me

However, if you choose a size down, you need to pay attention to the length of your clothes .

If you buy from a shop, be sure to try it on and check the size.

Quick Reference Chart for Ages and Sizes

Here is a quick reference chart for sizes by age.

In Japan, the average size is determined by age, so it is recommended to choose the size while looking at the notation of age and height.

However, this is just one guideline, so if you think this size might be too tight, try choosing children's clothing that is one size larger.

Please use this as a reference when you are unsure of which size to choose.

[Age/Size Chart]

age size Height (cm) Weight (kg)
0 to 1 50/60/70 50-75 3 to 11
1 to 2 80/90 75-90 11-13
2-3 90/95 90-95 13-14
3-4 95・100 95-100 14-16
4-5 100/110 100-105 16-18
5-6 110・120 105-115 18-20

I don't want to make a mistake! Choosing the size of children's clothes when buying online

If you see the actual children's clothes and you are with your child, you can buy the size without hesitation, but when the children are not around or when you buy children's clothes on the Internet, it is even more difficult to choose the size.

We will show you how to deal with this situation.

Don't make a mistake! How to buy children's clothes online "Measure your size"

When buying children 's clothes online, it's a good idea to take your child's measurements and match them with the measurements on the site .

Some parents may find it troublesome to measure their size.

However, if you think about the trouble of having to "return" the product because the size does not fit, it is important to measure the size properly in order not to "fail", and it will be a work to reduce unnecessary trouble.

Also, even though children grow fast, you don't have to measure the size every time you make a purchase. It's okay if you buy it.

And if possible, let's check the " rise size ".

For children with large buttocks, if you choose bottoms with a deep rise size, your buttocks will fit comfortably, so check the rise size of your children's clothes.

Pay attention to foreign size notation!

Basically, when choosing children's clothes, the height size is a guideline, but the size notation in other countries is different from that in Japan .

Not only for children but also for adults, the sizes of children's clothing are determined based on the body shape of each country, so not only the size notation but also the "making" will be different.

In particular, if you are planning to give a gift to a friend's child or grandchild, you need to be especially careful, so be sure to check not only the size notation but also the actual size of the clothes themselves.

By the way, overseas, it is often written as "M (age in months)" or "T (Toddler) infants 2 to 4 years old".
Each country has different standards, so be sure to check the size chart.

I don't want to fail! Children's clothing gifts

You can also give clothes to your child as a birthday present.

There, design is also important, but size selection is important.

I don't want to make a mistake! Children's clothing gift "choose a larger size"

When choosing a gift, it is difficult for children to understand the size, even for adults.

For example, even if you check the size in advance, some children grow rapidly in a short period of time, so choose one size larger .

Even if the size is too big, the child can wear it when they grow up. .

It would be disappointing if the gift was too small to fit or too tight.
Large doesn't mean small, but if you give a large size clothes, it will be appreciated.

I don't want to make a mistake! Children's clothing gift "Check the size and body shape of the child"

That's the surest way.

If you want to give a surprise gift, you can't use it, but if you don't want to tell your child, you should check the size with your parents .

You can also ask your child's clothing preferences.

Even if the size is slightly larger, the child will grow quickly and will soon be able to wear it.

I don't want to make a mistake! Children's clothing gift "Referring to the body shape of the child model wearing it"

On online shopping sites for children's clothing, you can find children wearing clothes from their own brands.

And if you look at the product introduction column, you may find that it is written as "model wearing size ○○ / weight ○○ / height ○○".

Compare the body shape of your model children to the body shape of the child you plan to give .

If you haven't seen the child you plan to give as a gift for a long time, ask their parents about their height and weight, and I think they might have a similar body shape.

By the way, "PETITMIG", which develops a children's clothing brand, also displays the height and weight of the child model and the size of the clothes they are wearing, and the packaging is suitable for gifts. so it's a perfect gift.


This time, we introduced the size guidelines for children's clothing by age and how to choose the right size.

Choosing the right size for children's clothes is the hardest part because they grow so fast.

No matter how good the material is, if it's too baggy or too small to wear, it's a pity for the child, and the person who made the effort to choose it as a gift will be disappointed.

Choosing the size of children's clothes is really difficult because even parents who keep watching their growth every day can make mistakes.

This time, I mainly introduced size selection, but when giving children's clothing as a gift, please pay attention to the ease of wearing and materials.

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