How to clean up your children's clothes! Is there a lot of clothes that you are hard to do?

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When it comes to winter, I think that there are no static electricity and hairballs to overlay.

In particular, there are many patterns that the hairballs can be concerned, so you may not notice when you are wearing a child when you go out?


Even if you are wearing a favorite and fashionable clothes, it's bad to see "Hairball".


The kids wearing may not be totally worried, but the parents may feel bad and embarrassed with hairball.


So this time, we will introduce you to the reason why you can do the hairballs and how to keep the hairballs and clothes (materials) and easy-to-do clothes (materials).

 Clothing and hairball

Reason for hairball

Adult clothes are also so, but children's clothes are especially easy to do with hairballs.

Hairballs are often done if you notice, so when did you do? There are many surprises.


Reason for hairballs "friction (rubbing)"

When you look at the clothes where you have hairballs,A part of the side and crotch that is easy to rubYou can do more.


In the case of children's clothes, there is an impression that hairballs are easy to make, especially after wearing white tights.



This is that the fibers will be rounded and the ball will be a ball.


Reasons why Hairballs can do "Material"

Another reason for hairballs is also a material of clothes.


Not only children's clothes but also adult dresses, but recently, clothes using various materials are sold.


If it is divided,Natural materialsWhenChemical fiberis.

 Natural material that hardball is hard to get

Natural materials point to cloth products made of natural materials.

And chemical fibers are fibers made with oil and plastic as raw materials.


Natural materials and chemical fibers may be used and used to compensate for their merits and disadvantages.


  • Chemical fiber clothes are easy to clean, but it is easy for hairballs.
  • Natural material clothes may not be able to do everyday care at home. But it is hard to get hairball.

As mentioned above, there are one short length.


We will introduce you again about the material that is easy to do with hairballs.It is not a thing to refrain from buying because hairballs are easy to do


However, don't forget to handle hairballs, so don't forget the handling of hairballs.



What if you have a hairball? How to keep in mind!

There is no way to be able to do hairballs.


Therefore, we will introduce you how to keep hairballs.


How to keep in mind when hairball is made "Hairball tower"

It is an orthodox in a major, but the most recommended care method.

 Hair bottle

We will also introduce you if there is no hair bottle bower, but the cleaning method that does not damage the cloth earliest.Hair bottleUse to remove the hairballs.


If you are a hair bottle, you may feel a refreshing feeling when you are cutting a hair ball made in clothes.

When you finish using a hair ball bowel, you may feel a little disappointing.


Someone who wants to have fun and cleanRecommended for (^ ^)



Hairball tower is handled even at 100 uniform shops, so please feel free to try first.


Depending on the product, there are battery power and rechargeable and various types.

My recommendations are rechargeable.

The reason is that you do not have to prepare a battery (^ ^;


Please choose a product that is easy to use.



How to keep in mind when hairball is made "Take it with razor"

How to keep in mind when there is no hair bottle boweris.


Compared to the hair bottle tower, it takes time to take the hairballs, and it may be a hole in the clothing fabric.

And because the kids may come near, there is also an concern about injury.


However, since it is not possible to get at all, you may know as an emergency treatment when there is no hairball bowl.


How to keep in mind when hairball is made "Take it by hand"

You can get the hairballs that you have done, but it is a way to say clearly and not recommended.

 Take a hairball with hand

The reason is as follows.

[Reason not recommended to take hairballs by hand]

  • take time
  • Since it is pulled, it hurts the fabric


It depends on the amount of hairballs to take, but if the number of hairballs is small, it is recommended that there is a lot of time if there is a large amount of hairballs.


And, the fabric pulled to take the hairball is thin and tend to break.


It is not recommended if you think about the clothes of clothesIf the number of hairballs is still small, it is faster if you take it with your handmaybe.


Is there a dress that is easy to get caught?

Hairball is easy to make or hard to do.


We introduce clothes (materials) that are easy to do, but it is better not to buy because it is easy to do. Please note that you are not saying.


I found a cute kids clothes, but I'm glazed because it is a material that is easy for hairballs, and I would like to prepare a hair ball bowel, and if you think positively.


What is the clothes that you can easily get hairball?

Clothes that can easily get hairballs are mainlyChemical fiberIt is clothes made of.

Chemical fiber is an artificially created fiber with oil and so on.

 Chemical fiber

We will briefly introduce the type of chemical fiber.

Chemical fiber type

  • Nylon
  • polyester
  • acrylic
  • Nylon
  • Rayon etc


Besides the above, there are a lot of clothes that make chemical fibers as materials.


Nowadays,Excellent for breathability and heat retentionThere are many clothing.

Chemical fibers are also characterized by being very easy to handle, as there are many parts that are made by the function to be determined.


However, there is also a disadvantage that it is easy for hairballs, and static electricity is likely to occur.


And it is not chemical fiber, but one of the natural materialswoolIn fact, it is a material that is easy for hairballs. (Although not as chemical fiber)


Wool material is "wool".

Wool is characterized by long hair and warmth.

It is connected to the fact that hairballs are easy to do in terms of "hair long" that are one of the features.

However, "even if you say that hairballs can be easy for other natural materials" That's not.


However, as if it is the same as the soft and easy-to-sacred chemical fiber clothes, it is only good to check if the hairball is made.


☆I recommend☆

Petitmig (Petit Mig) -Rib braided sweater

Rib knitting sweater

It is a mixture of 60% acrylic and 40% nylon, chemical fiber mixing, but it is a simple sweater that is not influenced by the epidemic, so it is recommended because it can be worn for a long time.



What is the clothes that you are hard to do?

You will also introduce clothes that you are hard to get hairballs.


The clothes that can not get hairballs areNatural materialsIt is clothes made of.

Speaking of natural materials There are the following types.

Natural material type

  • cotton
  • Silk (silk)
  • hemp
  • Wool (wool)
  • Angola
  • Cashmere


The above material is a measure as a natural material.

However, when considering from the point of view of children, the most familiar material iscotton"it might be.

If you think about adult clothes, you can also put hemp and silks in a field of view, but I will introduce this time as a children's clothes.


Since cotton material is also used as "underwear" from the era of baby, it is very familiar.

If you look at that skin wear, do you not think that you haven't made a lot of hair balls?

Besides, "T-shirt" made of cotton is not very hairball.


Thus, in the natural materialHairball is hard to doThere is a big advantage of.


and"Wool (wool)In the natural material, it was introduced that the hair ball is easy to make, but the wool is a very soft material.Hairball is easy to do, but the characteristics of hairballs easy to getThere is also.

So, not because the wool is likely to be able to make hair balls, do not forget that the hairball is made, and you can wear it for a long time if you care.



☆I recommend☆

PetitmigPetit Mig) -Balloon sleeve sweat

Balloon sleeve sweat

It is a sweat made of 100% cotton.

Although it is very simple, it is a children's clothing that is hard to make pills because the sleeves and body are rubbed not only on balloon sleeve and design.



Be careful even for clothes (materials) that are hard to make pills

Here are some things you want to be aware of when purchasing, even for clothes that are hard to make pills.


Clothes (children's clothing) made of natural materials were introduced that it is difficult to make pills.

but,Not all clothes (children's clothing) are made of natural materials or chemical fiber only.


The points to be aware of when purchasingIs the material mixed?is.


When you purchase clothes (children's clothing), you will see the washing display, but I think that "material" is also written along with the tag.

Please be careful about the material tag.

 Laundry display

Looking at the tags, various notations are written as "100%wool", "acrylic 100%", "acrylic 40%, 20%cotton, 10%wool ...".


The point of attention here isWhether natural materials and chemical fibers are mixedis.


There are quite a few clothes made by combining natural materials and chemical fibers.

And for some reason, clothes (children's clothing) where the material is mixedEasy to make pillsIt is a trend.


So, when purchasing, please look at the display of the material as well as the washing display.



☆I recommend☆

PetitmigPetit Mig) -Sweat -style check dress

Sweatshire check one piece

It is made of 35%cotton, 60%polyester, 5%polyurethane, and a mixture of natural and chemical fibers.

The pills are easy to form, but they are very warm because they have lining of back brushed.

Even one piece is warm, but it is cute even if you wear tights and leggings spats below.



How to make pills harder?

The processing of pills is a bit of a hassle, but as long as there is friction of the fabric, this is inevitable.


However, it takes a little time, but there is also a way to make pills difficult.


How to make pills difficult to make "hand washing"

It takes a lot of time, but I don't want to have pillsWash by hand washingis.


Wearing clothes can cause friction between the fabrics and create pills, but even if you rub each other in the washing machine, you can make pills.


When worn, you can't say "Moving so that you don't rub it", but by washing your hands, you can reduce rubbing.


There are outerwear that can not be washed in a washing machine, such as winter sweaters and jumper, but can be washed.

Like the outerwear, "hand washing"Push -washIf you do, it is difficult to make pills.


However, even if you say hand -washing, "Washing" will damage the fabric, and you need to be careful because rubbing will make pills.



How to make pills difficult to make "Put in the net and wash"

If you wash it with your hands, it will be difficult to make pills, but it is difficult to wash your hands every day.


Therefore,Put in the net and washThere is also a method of making pills harder.

 Laundry net

Recently, "washing net" is sold in various sizes even in 100 shops, so if you buy as large as possible, you will not have to buy the Internet.


It depends on the model of each washing machine, but if you put it on the net and wash it with a "fashionable dressing or hand -washing course", you can wash it gently for clothing.



How to make pills difficult to make "Tip and wash your clothes"

This is very effective in washing with colored pattern clothes, but I don't want to have pills,Turn it over before washingJust washing will reduce the generation of pills.


Washing in a washing machine removes dirt by rubbing each other by rubbing each other, so it is easy for washing with a washing machine to make pills.

However, if the surface is washed on the back side, the surface will not rub together, making it difficult for pills to be formed on the surface.


And if you turn the clothes of colored patterns over and wash them, you can prevent the color from falling off.


When folded, you have to turn it over, but it is recommended for those who do not want to increase the number of things because it will be started without purchasing something.



How to clean pills for children's clothing | Summary

This time, we introduced the reasons for making pills, how to clean, as well as clothes (materials) that are difficult to produce pills, and clothes (materials) that are easy to make.


The child may not care at all, but the impression of a "pill" that is very worrisome for adults may not be very good.


When you go out and take off your child's coat, you may notice the existence of pills.

In that case, parents may be worried about pills and enjoy going out.


However, if you know the material that is easy to make pills, you may be able to notice the pills before wearing the clothes.


At first, the care of the pills may be troublesome, but if you know the exhilaration of feeling using a pill, it may be addictive.

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