More and more... Children's clothes that are oversized, storage techniques of senior moms!

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The growth of children is a joy, but it is a problem to store clothes that are oversized or hand-me-downs.

I'm Maruko Sakura, a writer for children's clothing brand PETITMIG.

Even if I store it in the closet, I sometimes forget it exists.

So, this time, we asked senior moms how to store their favorite children's clothes that are oversized and how to store clothes that are planned to be hand-me-downs.

What's your favorite way to store oversized children's clothes?

You may think that children's clothes that are oversized should be disposed of because they are no longer useful.

However, children's clothes that are worn at events or purchased by children's desires, which are a little expensive, are hesitant to dispose of.

How should children's clothes be stored?

I asked the author's mom friends a lot, so I'll introduce them to you.

Storage of favorite children's clothes that are out of size "Take a picture and dispose"

There is a way to take pictures of clothes that you no longer wear because you have outgrown them, and then dispose of them.

In this case, the children's clothes themselves are disposed of, and the memories are left as " image data ".

As I will introduce again below, the moms who failed to store things all agreed that the best way to store them was to leave them as images.

If you take a picture, you can't touch it with your hands, but you can remember the event (event) where you wore the children's clothes and the smiles of the children. It seems to keep

If you print it out and put it in a frame or save it as data, you can always see it.

Storage of favorite children's clothes that are out of size "Hang it in a visible place in the closet"

I cut it down and left it in the photo, but there are times when I hesitate to dispose of it.

In such a case, it seems to be "hanging as storage that looks like a closet".

The reason is as follows.

[ Translation of storing favorite children's clothes in a visible way ]

  • If you store it in the back of the dresser, you will forget its existence.
  • When I stored it in the back, it turned yellow and worm-eaten, and I regretted it.
  • Every time you look at the clothes, you can imagine your child wearing the clothes, so you can reduce your frustration with your child.

It depends on the number of oversized children's clothes that you have a fondness for, but if there aren't many, storing them in a way that you can see them can be a good opportunity to look back on the past.

Children's clothes that don't have a turn to hand-me-downs-Where is the best place to store them?

Hand-me-down children's clothes have the advantage of not having to buy new clothes as well as remembering the clothes.

So, you want to make sure that the children's clothes are stored securely so that the next child to wear them will be able to wear them at the right time.

Here, too, the author's mom friends taught me how to store things, so I'll introduce them.

For hand-me-downs, use a transparent storage box for visible storage

It doesn't matter which manufacturer, but for children's hand-me-downs, it's best to use transparent storage boxes so you can see what's inside .

Then, write down on a piece of paper what is inside from the inside.

For example, it is written as follows.

[ How to draw paper when storing ]

  • Short sleeves…100cm
  • Long sleeves…100cm
  • Shorts…90cm
  • Long pants…100cm etc.

If you stick a piece of paper on which the contents of the box are written from the inside of the storage box, the paper will not tear.

This makes it easier to see what's inside.

However, if you have different sizes or summer/winter items, use dividers as much as possible and store them according to their size.

If you keep the contents visible, you can easily find out what kind of children's clothes are inside, so you can prevent "forgotten".

If the amount of hand-me-downs is small, put them in the storage you usually use.

Even if you put it in a storage box, there may be cases where the space is left over.

In that case, let's put it in the closet you usually use.

However, there is a point that must be noted here.

It's about distinguishing it from the clothes you're wearing now so that it doesn't get mixed up .

Therefore, it is recommended to use a transparent storage bag .

Put the clothes you plan to hand down in a transparent bag by size and season, and write the contents of the bag directly on the bag so that it is easy to understand.

If you don't feel comfortable writing directly on the bag, put a piece of paper with the size and season written on it inside so that it can be seen from the outside.

When you have a lot of hand-me-downs, use the "calendar app" to remember to store things that you can't see.

If the amount of hand-me-downs is small, you should be able to store them in the storage space you have been using so far so that you can tell that they are hand-me-downs.

In that case, you have no choice but to store things you don't use on a regular basis, but the biggest problem is forgetting them .

However, people often forget about it due to the busyness of their daily lives.

So, in such a case, let's rely on "civilization convenience".

Use the Calendar App !

There are many calendar apps, but the most recommended app is “Google Calendar”.

Google Calendar is an application that can be used with a Google account, so anyone who uses Google on a regular basis can use it.

It's very easy to use. All you have to do is put in a schedule that says, ``We have hand-me-down inventory in ○○,'' just a little before the season for changing clothes. increase.

And the nice thing about the calendar app is that you can put in appointments for several years ahead.

So, if you put in a schedule with a rough indication that it will probably be around this time to change clothes, it will be displayed on the calendar all the time, so you will never forget it.

If you don't use a calendar app, write "Hand-me-down inventory in ○○" as "future schedule" on the calendar you see most often in the corner of the last page of the calendar. prize.

And if you write the schedule on the calendar for the next year, it's okay if dad or mom forgets.

Storage failure story of senior moms!

In the busy daily life, there are times when you forget the existence of the children's clothes that you have stored, or you could not care for them.

Above, I introduced the storage techniques recommended by senior moms, but it was also the method I chose because there was a failure.

Storage failure story of senior moms "Yellowing and moth-eaten!"

Children's clothes with deep memories are something you want to keep at hand as much as possible.

Most moms probably think so.

However, storage also requires maintenance, and many moms have said that they have become " worm -eaten" because they neglected to take care of it.

And even though it should have been washed thoroughly, for some reason it was yellowed , and I wanted to remember my childhood. I wish I had taken a picture of my house. There was a lot of voices of senior moms who regretted it.

Even if you really want to keep the children's clothes, it would be better to take a picture of the children's clothes.

Storage failure story of senior moms "lost image data"

If you have saved your children's clothes as images, have you left them as they are on your smartphone or mobile phone?

So, as a failure story of moms, there are also stories of " I couldn't restore the data when my mobile phone (smartphone) broke because I didn't back up my mobile phone or save data ."

Nowadays, cloud services can save images automatically, but sometimes the service suddenly ends.

Save photos you don't want to lose to an SD card or USB.

If you put the data on the SD card or USB, you will not lose the data even if you buy a new computer.

Storage failure story of senior moms "I stored too much in the back and forgot about its existence"

In particular, when it comes to hand-me-down children's clothing, there were many people who said that even if they put it away to let the next child wear it, they forgot that they had stored it, so they couldn't hand it down and disposed of it.

By the way, I also used this pattern.

In this case, it seems that the existence was forgotten because it was stored as follows.

[ How to store forgotten children's clothes ]

  • I put it in a cardboard box and put it in the closet
  • I put it in a plastic bag whose contents I couldn't see and put it in the back of the dresser.

Children's clothes, whose existence had been forgotten, were usually stored out of sight.

It seems that it is better to store the plastic bag used for storage in a storage bag that is as sturdy as possible, considering that it will deteriorate over time.

If the plastic bag is left in for a long time, it may break when the drawer is opened and closed.

In particular, hand-me-down children's clothes should be placed where they are usually seen, even if they are not currently in use.


This time, we asked senior moms how to store their favorite children's clothes that are oversized and how to store clothes that are planned to be hand-me-downs.

We want to keep memorable clothes and children's clothes that can be handed down as much as possible so that the next child can wear them.

However, we often forget that we are storing hand-me-downs.

It would be frustrating if you forgot your hand-me-downs.

There are various storage techniques in the world, but I felt that it is important to find a storage method that suits your environment and that you will never forget.

I would like to see the children playing happily by having the next child wear the clothes that are important to them.

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