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What do you choose when choosing a children's clothing?

Children grow very fast, so I think there are many clothes that can no longer be worn in one season.

In particular, there are many kinds of girls' clothes, and many people have a hard time choosing clothes.

I bought it, but I bought it right away, or if I hated wearing a child because it didn't fit, I bought it.

Therefore, this time, I will introduce the points about choosing children's clothes for a 4 -year -old girl.

Please refer to this article as you know about choosing the size of children's clothing that you know and do not know.

Children's clothing size for 4 -year -olds


After the age of four, the growth period has passed, and the growth becomes slow.

Starting collective education in kindergartens and nursery schools is a time when you are ready to prepare for yourself and increase your interest in changing clothes.

It is very important to prepare children's clothes that are easy to change clothes at this time and have a size.

The average body type of a 4 -year -old child who corresponds to a kindergarten and nursery school is 100cm tall and weighs 16kg.

Although there are individual differences, many children often wear 100-120cm size clothes.

Japanese children's clothing is based on height, such as "100cm, 110cm", and is often filled in that number.

Overseas children's clothes are often filled in based on the age and age of "12m, 4T".

This 12m means 12 months, and 4T means around 4 years old.

Overseas children's clothing is characterized by a long arm and legs, and a narrow neck.

Be careful when purchasing because the difference in skeleton and body type is also available in clothes.

About choosing girls' clothes


Then, when choosing a 4 -year -old girl's clothes, I will explain what kind of things to be careful about by clothes.


We recommend that you choose a design that you can take off or wear alone.

When the tops are too small, they are hard to move.

It seems that many moms choose a large size because they can easily change clothes if they can afford a little size.

There are also ways to hide the buttocks and wear it like a tunic if the tops are large.

Also, some children are difficult to change if the buttons are too small, so it is better to pay attention to the size of the button with buttons.



Bottoms are ideal to buy just size.

If you buy one size large size, there is a risk that you will step on the hem, or if you are large, you will step down.

If possible, choose the size larger than just size or just size.

In addition, the waist is popular with adjuster type pants.
The length of the pants is just right, but the waist can be worn for a long time if you can adjust the waist when it is loose or tight.

The material of the pants is cotton and stretched is used as a day with a large amount of exercise or as a relaxing wear, so many moms do not choose the design that is as perfect as skinny.

Pants made of good sweats are also popular for children with a lot of exercise.

As with pants, the waist is recommended for the skirt.

It can be worn longer than hook or zipper type.

The length of the skirt is convenient because you can wear it even if you choose a long feeling.


one piece

I think there are many moms who often choose dresses because they are clothes unique to girls.

It is recommended that you choose the one -piece length that looks and hides your knees.

If it is too large, it will dowel, and if it is too short, it will be a mini -length and the underwear will be easier to see.

Therefore, it is better to purchase before purchasing before purchasing.

It is easier to move with a slightly fluffy design than a tight design.

One -piece dresses are designed for all seasons, while others are made by making use of designs and materials according to each season.

If you think the dress is getting a little smaller, you can apply it like a tunic by combining pants underneath.



The outerwear recommends choosing the one -size size you are wearing.

There is no problem with thin fabric fabric worn on clothes, such as cardigans and sweaters, in the same size as clothes.

However, the coat and jumper are thick, so when you choose just size, you tend to feel.

If possible, choose a size that has a margin.

4 -year -old child's recommended children's clothing brand Petiemig

When choosing a children's clothing, it is necessary to choose clothes in consideration of various points, but here are some brands that are now in popularity.


PetitMig, which has a concept of delivering smiles to children around the world, is a brand that has a low price, as well as a department store.

All girls' clothes are soft and warm designs with the image of Scandinavia.

Girls have their favorite frills and embroidery, enhancing the cuteness.

It is also a nice point that it is easy to wear alone.

A large button is used, making it easy to take off.

Because it is a brand created by a mother who has experience raising children, we have a design that meets the demand for children's clothing.

The light color of Scandinavian style is gentle and warm, so you can enjoy fashionable with small items.

PETITMIG is online service on LINE.

It is a very convenient service that allows you to consult online online and ask questions on LINE before purchasing.

The staff is also kind, so we are attracting attention as the popularity will be more popular in the future.

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This time, I introduced the points about choosing children's clothes for a 4 -year -old girl by clothes.

Please refer to the points to be aware of that you know and do not know in the future.

In addition, the PETITMIG, which has reduced the points introduced this time, has many cute children's clothing, and is attracting attention as a shop that will become even more popular in the future.

We are focusing on making clothes and online customer service as well as the wonderful clothes, so please take a look at the official website.


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